Tuesday, April 21, 2009

He's 4!

Today, my little man turns 4! I can hardly believe that we are at this landmark...where did the time go? I still remember the first moments after his birth and being told, "it's a boy!" and wondering what in the world it was going to be like having a boy. My world had only been filled with pinks and purples, dolls and dresses prior to that moment, so I had no idea what new horizons awaited me with a little boy. I have learned to see life differently while gazing at it through the eyes of a little boy. Now my color palette is filled with blues and greens and lots of orange these days (his favorite color!) and an abundance of Thomas trains everywhere I turn.

For fear of becoming too teary eyed and reminiscent, I'm just adding a few photos to finish off my post today. In honor of my little boy on his birthday....

Happy 4th Birthday Cubby!!

He's growing up so fast!:

Thanks to Picnik for the photo edits!


  1. Happy B-day to your little one, or not so little I mean. My turned 7 today. Mine was born on April 21 too. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!!

    Many blessings on him today!


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