Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Wanna Be...

A little conversation between Brother and Sister...

Sister: Come here. Let's talk about what we'll do when we're older.

At the tip of her tongue..

Sister: I think I want to either be a Pet Store Owner, A Vet, A Doctor, A Hotel Lady or A Flight Attendant.

After a moment of thought..

Brother: I wanna be A Soccer Player, A Basketball Player, A Football Player, A Chef, A Super Hero, A Police, A Doctor. And that's all.

With stars in her eyes and a little grin..

Sister: I want to build a big, fancy house for me and my husband. I want to go to a nice place for dinner and a very nice hotel for our honeymoon...


Those are some big dreams for my little ones! It's kind of funny that Brother even knows what all of those sports players are being that we don't watch a bit of any type of competition/sporting event in our house. I'm not completely sure what he thinks they are.

With these aspirations, it does look as though I will be well taken care of in my old age as my children care for me when I'm ill, cook for me, keep me safe, earn me free trips and whisk me away to their hotel. And rest assured, when I am not off going to all of the sporting events, I will never be alone because I will have whatever pet I may desire to keep me company!

I guess Hubby and I are gonna live the good life when we're older!

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  1. Your kids are so cute! Don't you love to hear their conversations? It does look like they're going to be pretty busy as adults, huh? :)


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