Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Week Of Crockpot Goodness

I'll admit it, I'm a Crockpot Lover.

Being from the Midwest, I think we just naturally gravitate toward the crockpot. With the change of seasons and some busier weeks, I was ready to embrace the crockpot after a summer break.

In my new quest for pleasing crockpot meals, I turned to Pinterest (of course). I found that chicken crockpot pins were in abundance, but finding really good ground beef recipes was a different story.

Until I found a good one with a lot of great recipe links. Because I like you a lot, I'll share it with you.

The Crock-Pot Ladies know their ground beef I tells ya.

In the interest of not boring you to death with step by step photos of each recipe, I just took a couple to share with you.

Here's a number of the crockpot recipes we've been feasting on lately and they come with our 5 star approval. Which, in a house of 6 people, is pretty amazing to be in consensus every time.

Crockpot Hamburger Soup

I've only had the chance to try one of the hamburger recipes so far, but I intend to try more. I've got the Pizza Noodle Toss and the Crock-pot Cowboy Casserole  next on my list.

Cheesy Crockpot Chicken

I had put this one together on a day when we had piano lessons and errands in the afternoon. I wasn't home when the meal was taken from the crockpot, so no photo with this one.

I assure you it was presentable both to the eyes and the tummy.

I didn't have any canned condensed cheddar soup, so I made my own following this recipe. I'd definitely do it that way again. I liked this recipe so much more than the canned stuff.

I served the cheesy chicken over a bed of jasmine rice and served it with a fresh slice of homemade bread.

Crockpot Chicken And Dumplings

Making a homecooked meal as great as chicken and dumplings is tough and time consuming. I found this one to be super easy.

Put a bunch of ingredients in the crockpot for several hours, take the chicken out and shred it, toss it back in the crockpot.

Cut up a can of biscuits, turn it on High for another hour. Now that I can manage.

Crockpot Chicken Bacon Ranch

This one was great for Saturday supper when I spent time away from the house and we were enjoying the outdoors. Put a handful of ingredients in for the afternoon, prepare some pasta on the stove, and toss in just before serving.

It made it look like I had spent a lot of time at the stove to prepare this delicious meal.

Ready to try some dessert in the crockpot?

I found that a seasonal favorite, Apple Crisp, is even crockpot friendly. This recipe was great since I was running short on time and only took a couple hours in the crockpot.

Crockpot Apple Crisp

My only variation is that I used SIX  ('Sweet 16' variety) apples for our family. It ended up being the perfect amount in one crockpot for all of us to fill our bellies. With it being easy and quick, this will certainly become a fast favorite around here. What a comforting, warm dessert for the fall and winter months.

Creating tasty and family friendly homemade meals is possible. A little bit of planning, a crockpot, and a handful of ingredients is usually all you need.

I hope you give some of these a try and enjoy them as much as my family did.


  1. I've got chicken in the crockpot riiiiggghhht now... it is basically that cheesy chicken one minus the cheese. I'll have to try that next time! We put ours over rice and it is also great over potatoes. My difficulty is that my crew isn't in love with soups. Every now and then I force them so I'll have to try that hamburger one. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I am going to go and make that apple crisp in the crock pot RIGHT NOW..seriously...I have a 5 gallon pail of apples that still need to be processed and what better way to get rid of them. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Holy Cow! Serious crock pot stuff here. And it all looks so good!!! Have you ever used those crock pot liners? I did for the first time about six months ago and I was like, why didn't I ever know about these before???!!!! They are awesome to use...makes the clean up easy as pie!

  4. Thank you for sharing so many yummy recipes! I love my crockpot too and will have to try some of these out!


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