Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

 Thinking About...

....preparations. I'm getting ready to hop on a plane exactly ONE WEEK from today.

This is kind of a big thing for me since :
a) I haven't traveled on a plane since BC (before children), which means it's been over 12 years.
b) I rarely travel in general and never alone.
c) I really don't recall the last time I left my kids and probably not my husband either, for several nights.


You know what makes the unsettled feelings about the trip better though? I'm going to meet someone really awesome. She's kind of an inspiring woman and amazing friend. Best yet, we've NEVER MET. You may know her, she's over here. Yes, I get to meet the Martins IRL in ONE WEEK. (insert happy dance) I also get to meet Marijanna who I met through Colleen. (double happy dance)

The other thing is knowing my family will be ok without me. My parents will come and take a day shift and then Reed will handle the other days plus all other loose ends. He's even planning on taking the kids on a field trip with the homeschool group one of the days I'm gone.

Preparing to leave for a long weekend takes more planning, thought, and preparation of all things random. You know, because I'd like to believe that they really need me around to do laundry, make meals, clean up the house, keep them on task, be their teacher, keep their calendar, keep them clean, brush their hair, and you know, just be around.  They'll be ok without me. (I think)

I also know that the time away is good for me too. I had initially hoped to make this trip a year ago. I waited too long to book a flight and rates went up, but then I slowly also wimped out. A few months ago I jumped (poor Colleen, she didn't even see it coming) on a decent rate and let the Martins know I was on my way. It will be good to finally meet two of my bloggy friends, run a 5K with Colleen for a great cause, hang out with one of my favorite bloggy girls (I kind of crush on her daughter Maggie), and in turn long to be reunited with my family (that's a good thing).

Since this is a rare occasion, it will be a good thing for all of us. I think I'll come home ready to dive back into my vocation and appreciate what daily becomes the monotony.

A few photos from the last week:

We met up with my bloggy friend Marie and her sweet gals last week. It was a great day to enjoy an apple orchard field trip and all of the animals they have there. The kids all had a great time and it was so good to catch up with Marie and visit again. Bonus: I got to hold her little Katharine and take in the baby sweetness. 

If we were to have cattle (Reed's dream), I think I'd want one of these. 
How cute is that shagginess??!!

The baby goats were a huge hit! I think they equally enjoyed the girls. And their clothing to chew on.

The leaves are falling....falling.... And the kids have had a lot of chances to enjoy them this year. 

Jumping in leaf piles is one of those wonderful childhood memories.

My attempt at a selfie with the hubs on our way to our nephew's wedding last weekend.


  1. I'm thrilled for you! These weekends have become a yearly thing for me. I realized how much I needed them, how much my family needed them. And God bless Reed!

    Great pictures! I can hear their laughter and squeals through them :)

  2. I would love to meet the Martins. And Marie! You are so lucky! We don't have any leaf piles yet but soon enough. This week will go fast I am sure.

  3. Sarah! I am so very excited for you!!!!
    Go and have an amazing time!
    Take tons of pictures. And post them. Please?
    I know exactly what you are feeling...preparing for time away is logistically exhausting. And emotionally as well.
    But you hop on that plane, rest you head, and prepare to enjoy. Hubby and mom will have it covered!
    Love your pics too! : )

  4. Have a great trip! Once you are in motion you will relax. I look forward to reading all about it!

  5. I really like the selfie with you and Reed, you two are so cute! I will pray for your trip, I think you will have a fantastic time! It was great catching up last week and I hope we can get together again sometime this winter.

  6. Have a great time and a very happy birthday!

  7. Your pictures are adorable!!! I had your blog up on my screen for like days and never got around to finally commenting!!

    (I get so distracted)
    I'm so excited for you, I hope and pray you have a safe and fun trip!!

    You know she will LOVE you!! As will Maggie. I love Maggie too, give her an extra hug for me K?

    Oh, my gosh, give her mama a hug too from me!
    And kiss her baby boys. (she has 2)
    And give Marijanna a big big hug too!!! And kiss her sweet girlies!!
    From me.

    Have fun Sarah!


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