Friday, October 3, 2014

Arrows, Angels, Chickens, And Autumn

Wow, if that title didn't catch your attention, what would?

Bear with me.

This seemed to be a banner week of 'stuff' on the calendar. Sure, not a full calendar like some of you Super Woman moms of many, but one full of activity for our household.

September somehow managed to slip away without so much as a backward glance. October came in and took its place, reminding me that chilly, rainy days are bound to happen whether we had outside plans or not.

Somehow there never seems to be enough time in the autumn days.

Being the hearty type, we roll with it and pretend that winter will never come. This year autumn will miraculously last forever and henceforth roll right into spring.

Never mind. Ignorance is bliss.

It was a good week here.

A quick afternoon homeschooling event got us outdoors on a windy, chilly day when I'd rather be sipping my pumpkin spice coffee.

I'm glad we did go, as it proved to be a good time.

As always, the cast of characters were willing. The girls are just silly these days. The facial expressions are those worn only by crazy toddlerkins.

I can't help but laugh.

It was an Archery in the Park event hosted by an area State Park. It was a free educational event for homeschoolers that day and we attended with our homeschool group.

Trying archery was on Lily's bucket list. Check.

Any guesses as to what was added to their Christmas list?

Thanks to Patty sharing her Guardian Angel craft post, I was actually ahead of the game and prepared for the feast day yesterday. These are the little girls' projects. The angel wings are a little more like "put your hands up!" and the angel expressions more like "oh my, what are you doing to me??" The girls also agreed that the angels needed legs, perhaps many legs.

These most definitely will be treasured.

I also whipped up an Angel Food cake (just happened to have a box mix on hand) and Lily prepared Fluffy Pudding Frosting to top it off. It was delicious and light, perfect for celebrating our celestial friends.

Finally, around the house there are more signs of the season adorned in tones of orange, red, and brown.

Outdoors, yesterday was wet and cool here, but late afternoon caught glimpses of sunlit beauty.

Our feathered companions are growing and taking over the yard. They are 'free range' chickens which pretty much means they missed the memo I sent: 

No chickens in the front yard. No chickens in my flowerbeds or terraces.

We'll see who has the last laugh when some of them are in my freezer. Your time will come, chickens. Your time will come.

The trees are shades of perfect autumn, but the usual fall wind has scattered many leaves throughout the yard. Each year there's a sadness when those colorful leaves fall to the ground. It's the passage of time, the spring and summer past, the anticipated goodbye. It leaves only the naked trees to behold out my window. 

There has to be a winter before there can be another spring. It's just the way of things. I guess I wouldn't appreciate the autumn leaves, if not for the barren winter, the new growth of spring and the warmth of summer.

May your enjoyment of autumn wherever you are bring you happiness and contentment.

I intend on sitting back and enjoying another cup of coffee (with pumpkin spice creamer, of course) as often as I can. I hope you get the chance to do the same.

Happy Weekend! 

Happy Autumn!

Happy October!


  1. Sarah,
    As I read this, I found myself thinking Yes! Yes!
    I too so love autumn. The trees!!! Oh the stunning colors of those beautiful leaves!
    But their beauty is fleeting. One blink and it is gone.
    And I feel the same way. There never is enough time in the autumn days!
    I look outside and think that we must get out there!!!!
    We did take a trip to the park the other day and are planning the annual pumpkin patch today, because I see the cold rains are moving in...
    And I also agree with your beautiful thought that we must have the winter to appreciate the fall. : )
    Archery seems fun! My Peyton May be interested...she loves Katniss from the Hunger Games!
    And I adore your little crafty angels! I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful homeschool things you do with those two!
    And your decorations! So cozy!
    Ok....enough from me!
    Love you, my friend!

  2. What adorable angels!! I was exactly Lily's age when I started doing archery at summer camp. I wasn't very good but it was fun! (Being left handed had a lot to do with it, different bow and no one to teach me.)

  3. Falling on the floor laughing...Hold 'em up description! Oh my are so funny! So stinking them, mark the ages and tuck those angels away in a safe place.

    Your blog here is so pretty, btw!!!

    Fun things going on. You know, we LOVE the archery going on. That's awesome. And FREE is even better! Good times for you this week.

    The comment about who will be in the freezer? Oh Sarah! You are so funny! Have a wonderful weekend up there!

  4. Love your blog (when I get a chance to read it). What an excellent mama you are! The angel craft is adorable. Seems like there's an awful lot of naked trees around here already. I love autumn but I feel like it passed me by this year. Is that a playhouse in your yard? Looks like fun! And the chickens...what is it with them? Give 'em an inch and they take EVERY.SINGLE.FLOWERBED. Bet they'll be really good eating, though!
    Love to you and your family. Let me know when you're coming to visit your parents. We should get together.

  5. Totally LOVED your description of the little girl's ART!!! SO funny!!! Write what you wrote here on the backs of those pictures and save them for sure!!

    And the chickens in the funny. I can hear your evil laugh right through the screen!!

    Archery? How fun! I'm so happy you are enjoying your homeschool group!

    And YES!! We would love to come visit you sometime! (before the snow flies!!

    Got back from Fargo around I have not responded to my comments yet, but wanted to check a few of my friend's blogs!!

    I am also with you on the fall and wishes for spring and least I keep telling myself that too, that winter has to come for spring to be as lovely as it is. Just wish it didn't have to come so soon.

  6. We tried free range chickens and they would come onto the porch and up on the deck and poop all over. A fence went up pretty fast. We actually put them in our garden right now to clean up any bugs and weeds. Did they do that..NO! Instead they went straight for the asparagus and dug up the dirt onto our landscaping...they are stinkers.

    I love archary!

  7. I can't get enough of Fall, either. And if the winter is supposed to be as harsh as they say… I better enjoy every "warm" day that's left!
    Love the craft - I just started doing some with my 2 year old and would like to get my hands on some more ideas!
    Hope it was a good weekend!


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