Saturday, November 1, 2014

All Hallows' Eve Recap

I've somehow managed to fall into the pit of no blogging. I want to do it, really, I do.

After taking pretty much one of the greatest.trips.ever. and returning over a week ago, I'm just treading water. I came down with a wonderful sore throat and cold after the three hour plane ride, so that has been a damper on the last week. Hello, recycled air and germy people.

You'll wanna hear about my trip, I know you will. I've got photos and stuff to say, but no time to blog it. Maybe it will be more photos and less words.

Maybe doing it that way will also make me cry a little less when I post it because it really was that great. I mean, it totally would've been WAY better with my family, but it still was a blessing.

That will be another day.

Until then, let's entertain you with Halloween photos, shall we?

My kids had picked out pumpkins a few weeks ago and were super eager to carve them. Which of course meant that I freaked out a little over actually getting them to turn out like the kids envisioned.

Enter daddy and a power tool to the rescue.

He pretty much went from zero to hero in a matter of mere minutes. He also saved me a bunch of time.

Jonah chose a Lego minifig face for his carefully selected pumpkin.

Lily chose an owl. Everyone seemed impressed with the results.

The next morning I traced a cat face stencil for the girls to paint the while pumpkin we had picked out.

Being that it was probably the first time I recall painting a pumpkin with two toddlers, it went swimmingly. The girls really enjoyed it and thankfully were ok enough with holding on to my hand as we painted together.

Small successes turned into cute and wonderful creations on display.

Which I somehow managed to forget to photog in the dark with the candles inside. Now that we're after the fact I'm just lazy to do it. 

I bet you would like to see the costumes after the sneak peek, right?

Finished products included an Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. Store bought Spiderman.

As you can see, they were pretty much super excited with their costumes. I think they were really sweet and totally fit their costumes this year.

Jonah has a new found interest in Spider-man so when we stumbled upon it on sale and in his size, he was sold. Phew. 

He did a great job protecting the Frozen girls of the town. In our town, there were A LOT of them. Like a bazillion Elsas. For real. Not many other Annas and no Olafs that I saw. 

One last one. 

This one successfully opened my eyes to the reality that the kids are once again growing up way too fast. Hello, I have a tween. A tween!! And an in between boy sandwiched at the end by little girls, not longer babies.

Hope to be back again next week with a trip post. Until then, Happy November!

Did I just say that?!

Let the holiday shopping freak out fun begin.


  1. Feel better soon!
    And get blogging, woman!
    Let me rephrase that...
    I miss when you don't post.
    There that's better.
    Your Halloween trick-or-treaters look adorable.
    And yes, they grow. : )
    Have a restful week, my friend!

  2. First of all...I love the costumes!!!! Second of all... been thinking of you so much & well, I miss you. Really wish we had more time! Hope you're feeling better :)

  3. Your last comment gave me a good chuckle!

    Hope you feel better soon. That's rough on a mans so many depend in her.

    I'm thrilled your trip experience was awesome! Looking forward to hearing about it.

    Your pumpkins and costumes .... So cute and fun! Mr Stan would have loved to wear that Spidey costume !

    Have a peace filled Sunday!

  4. My mom said, there were adults at work who were going to take shots every time an Elsa costume came to the oh man...

    They kiddos are cute and yes..they are getting big. Thanks for blogging when you can.

    I am in a rut also.

  5. Wow! You amaze me. I never did the Halloween thing until my kids were big enough to do it on their own. Lazy mom.
    Your husband should meet my husband. They definitely have power tools in common.
    Praying for your Grandpa and Grandma, their names were read at Mass yesterday.
    Hope you're feeling better soon. When Mom is under the weather it's hard on the whole fam. Believe me...I know;)

  6. I have to say we had NO Elsa's here!! Shocking, huh? And we live in TOWN!!

    That OLAF costume is the cutest ever. Ever.

    I get the no blogging thing. (I am also anxious to see your trip post!)
    I want to blog, but feel like why bother? There are so many awesome bloggers out there. It almost feels like it's a pride thing for me.

    Hoping you feel better you!


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