Tuesday, October 21, 2014

From The Mouth Of My Babes


When I get bigger, I'm not going to be married with a ring.

Concerned Mom:

Oh really? What are you going to do instead?


Water plants.


When I be big, I'm going to put stuff in the crockpot.


(Overheard conversation while the girls are eating chocolate covered raisins)

It's like we're eating baby poop from a diaper.

*giggle* *giggle*

Baby's poop......


Guardian angels don't poop in THEIR DIAPERS!!!

*snort, snort* *hilarious eruption of laughter*

Oh dear. Oh my. What's with the crazy humor? That fourth child just may be my trouble maker after all.


Needing Validation Mom:

Gianna, are you going to miss me when I'm gone for a few days?



But I'm sure gonna miss daddy when he's gone to work!

Well I guess everything will turn out just fine while I'm away.

Gianna won't miss me and Margaret will get the chance to be a big girl and use the crockpot to make supper.

**My secret hope is that Margaret will decide to be a 'big girl' and start using the toilet while I'm gone. 


  1. My favorite?!
    The crockpot gal!!!!
    Adorable, my friend!

  2. Too cute! I love the things little people say!

  3. OH my gosh!! Just don't put baby poop in the crock pot OK sweeties!!


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