Monday, October 13, 2014

Costume Sneak Peek

In my free time over the last few days I've had a little project I've been working on.

Since time here is moving ahead at rapid speed, I thought I'd get a jump on this one.

I also have a fun out of town trip coming up next week and I knew I was going to be pressed for time.

Halloween usually creeps up on me too quickly and my kids have crazy-big-amazing-creative ideas that I cannot fulfill without the proper amount of prep time.

Wanna take a look?

Any ideas what the girls are dressing up as this Halloween?

I found the idea for the no sew tutu/dress over here. Then I headed to JoAnn's and Walmart to see what color tulle I could find and brought a bunch home. Lily helped make the final decision on what colors were most true to the characters outfits. We hacked out both her dress and Gianna's in a couple of hours.

Honestly, Lily's took WAY more time. Mainly just because it's that much bigger and had three colors in it. Gianna's took me maybe half an hour or so. Either way, the no sew was definitely the way to go.

I have a couple more details for these costumes yet that shouldn't take much time, but will involve another trip to the store.

The inspiration for Olaf came from a picture I found on Pinterest, but there were no details or patterns. I had the organza dress from a wedding Lily was in several years ago and it was just getting dusty sitting in the closet. I figured I'd save money and time by re-purposing the dress and making good use of it. That definitely made the costume easier.

I struggled to find a pattern online for Olaf's face that was size comparable for my use. I ended up using this download  as a general guideline, but enlarging it. That took a couple trial and error cuts, but I think it worked out fairly well.

Sure, it took a bit more work to do the costumes this way, but I figure it was worth the money I saved. So far the girls all seem pleased with the way their costumes are turning out.

Total spent on three costumes thus far: $17.13

As for Jonah, we're still working on him yet. I've set a deadline and he needs to decide. We'll see if I end up splurging and buying a ridiculously overpriced costume or depending on what he chooses, maybe I can make something yet.

Only time will tell.

I'll be sure to keep you posted.


  1. I never buy costumes either. That is the whole fun in it trying to either make it or wear something goofy and creative! You are creative! I like the Olaf! I once turned a almost out grown white snow suit..not sure what to call it...but I glued a zillion cotton balls on it to make a baby sheep costume! way more fun then buying a sheep costume!

  2. I love that they're going as a theme!! So wonderful. I hope Jonah picks something fun and easy for you. I've seen homemade Lego costumes that are pretty easy, or is he over Legos now? I am not really crafty enough to make a costume but one day I will. (Not this year though.)

  3. Adorable!!!!!
    Look at you, miss seamstress!!!!
    Awesome job...
    Can't wait to see the pics of your babes in them. : )

  4. Miss c still twirls round and round in hers and it is lounge aged;)

    You did an AMAZING job!!!!! Love the idea and theme. As for my boy, I bought his as well ;)

  5. That Olaf dress is the cutest EVER!!!!!!


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