Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring And New Life

Someone FINALLY kicked winter in the pants and let spring arrive. Thank goodness! With temperatures in the sixties and near seventy, we are positively giddy with gladness.

When I took the kids outside on Friday and felt the sun, heard the birds singing and watched the kids play, I almost could have wept. It was like being given sight and hearing like never before.

Never were the sounds so welcome, the sun's radiant heat so glorious.

The kids, well, they were all like calves in springtime frolicking around. Who could blame them?

With spring lingering in the air, I figured I would finally post pictures of the springtime wreath I made.

I put it up at Easter time thinking spring was really around the corner, ha! That feels like forever ago now!

I gathered some PINspiration (inspiration from Pinterest...catchy, huh?) and found several ideas. I wanted springy and cheery, along with cheap and easy.

I went to my local JoAnn fabrics store and started gathering. Lily and I found this fat roll (I have no idea what they call it) of different shades of blue fabric strips. I then based the rest of the wreath off of those colors and what worked with it and complimented it.

I started by picking out which shades of the blue I was going to use from my roll and starting wrapping my wreath. I just used hot glue to fasten the beginning and end of each color before starting a new color. Super easy!

After that, it was just a matter of adding embellishments.

And, presto, spring wreath!!

Finally, since my post title indicated new life, I had to include that with spring came TWO new lives last week. I became great auntie for the 8th and 9th time! A little great nephew was added to the crew (boys are seriously behind!) on Monday and a little great niece on Tuesday.

Of course, I have to share photos of the great niece (aka. neighbor down the road) Natalie Marie, because she is just too sweet. What a peanut girl.

We are so blessed with more little ones in our family to enjoy and a little Natalie on this side of heaven to love.


  1. What a pretty wreath and cutie patootie baby! It always freaks me out a little to hear you say great niece and great nephew - my oldest nephew just turned 16!!

  2. Spring is here...spring is's the best time of the year! Do your kids watch Little Bill? He sings that in a play...anyway...your wreath is beautiful! Yay you! Have a spring-y day, friend!

  3. Ohhhh forgot to mention how sweet your two older littles are! : )

  4. Very pretty and springy!

    Love the baby, so cute and tiny!


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