Monday, April 22, 2013


Putting aside the nasty weather that kicked us in the gut, we still forged ahead on Saturday and pretended it was spring. We had a birthday to celebrate, after all.

Jonah had the idea several weeks ago that he was bound and determined to have a pinata this year.

I figured we'd do our best and see what we could do.

Going with an Angry Birds theme, I figured that would be easy and it really was.

Enter Pinterest and this great tutorial that helped us out.

It really became a fun project where everyone could help. It ended up being a good mother-son project for us last week.

And the pinata did not disappoint.

(Angry Birds templates helped with the face, thank goodness.)

As always, a small family birthday gathering with just enough kids to take a good whack at 
Red Bird.

We had a blast!

One day, many years back I made the mistake of setting the bar pretty high. I started the tradition of asking my kids what kind of cake they wanted and how they wanted it decorated. 

Well sure, I was going for Mom of the Year or back then I just had more time. While I do my best to please their tastes, it's not always easy, especially when they have pretty high expectations.

You know, because I'm a professional baker/cake decorator and all, I can just automatically do super-fantabulous cakes. 

Well, I try. Really hard.

Jonah chose to use pieces from an Angry Birds game he has as the decorations on top.

We then just made a marble cake and at the last minute I tried making the easiest Chocolate Buttercream frosting. It was a success! Y-U-M.

Yesterday, his birthday day, we kept things low key. Lily has been sick off and on for days and had a relapse on Saturday night, so it was a good thing most of the celebrating had already been done.

Jonah and his buddy, before Mass:

Seeing that everyone survived the night and seemed to be doing better, we went and hit up Cherry Berry. It was Birthday Boy's choice and of course the rest of us didn't complain.

In the end, the birthday weekend was a success, albeit in the midst of sickness. 

Jonah had a very good weekend celebrating and enjoyed every minute of being king 
(and the gifts too)!

Shortly after our arrival home from town, Gianna got sick. I pray we can kick this ickiness because  this mama and puke don't mix.

Hope you all had a great (and healthy) weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday Jonah!!!! That pinata is awesome. For reals.

    Gianna's hair is getting so long!

    And um, yeah, my kids can pick the meal and the dessert, and I promise it will be tasty but never pretty :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your birthday boy, Sarah! The Piñata...awesome! We have Angry Bird fans here. I think we even have the game that the cake topper pieces were from. We don't actually know how to play it...Rhett and Flynn just play with the pieces...Anyway, glad your son had fun and prayers for the yucky stuff to cease soon...Have a nice evening, friend.

    P.S. loving your new hair! : )

  3. I read that whole thing and the first thing that pops into my mind is, "What a blessing she didn't get sick in the car!" That would have made his birthday memorable in a bad way, huh? Hope that this stomach bug passes quickly and misses mama!

  4. Awww...happy birthday to Jonah! Eight is definitely GREAT!! My little man is standing here and ooohhhing and awwing over the party. He keeps saying, Cool! Awesome! You were a hit down here in Texas, too :)

  5. P.S. He asked, "Can Jonah come down and play with me?" :)

  6. Happy birthday to Jonah! And sidenote: Gianna looks SO old! Thanks for your prayers as well!

  7. Happy birthday to Jonah! Sidenote: Gianna looks so OLD! Thanks for your prayers as well, Sarah!


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