Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sometimes Quiet

The quiet doesn't happen much here. 

Well, here on my blog, it does.
HERE, at my house, it does not.

Quiet lends itself to thought.
Quiet leads me to focus on others and not myself or the long list of to-do.
Quiet reminds me that God is here, even when my world is spinning loudly.

It allows me to nurture.

To breathe before the height of the busy season before me comes crashing in.

Recently, my husband said "I need to get out to your blog and read it. I don't remember the last post I read." To which I replied, "That's OK, you haven't missed much. It doesn't matter any way, you live my blog with me in real life, in real time. You don't need to read about it." 

He came back with "I know, but I like to read your blog and what you write about. Plus, I enjoy reading the comments." I laughed because what was just as fun for me (reading blogs and the comments), he hinted was equally rewarding for him.

The weeks ahead will be full enough and there will be plenty to blog about, rest assured.

IF Spring ever comes, there will be lots to do and enjoy outside again.

I've got an almost eight year old boy with a birthday and a sacramental celebration in a couple weeks.

School to try and drag out wrap up in another six weeks.

Swimming lessons for the big kids next month.

A certain homeschool conference that we just registered for.

Perhaps more potty training willingness from Gianna will lead to more success.

And so many other things that keep popping up that make my head spin.

It looks like my husband will have lots of catching up to do when he does finally get around to reading here.

He'd probably agree that it's more fun just living it and thinking about how awesome it would come across in a blog post.

I hope that you are finding days that allow for the sometimes quiet in your life too.


  1. Agreed, oftentimes quiet is a very welcome respite.
    IF spring ever comes, there will be lots to do. I find myself yearning for the 'quiet' of gardening, with the fresh-turned soil under my nails, planning and plotting the year's yield...
    (sigh)We got another 3 inches today, but its all blown hither and yon.
    I'm hopeful that by the time the conference rolls around the snow will all be gone. ;-)
    Hope to meet you in person this year!

  2. Beautiful reflection...and I like what changes you made to your blog. The pretty "spring" flowers on the side are so cheery!

  3. Oh Sarah, kiss that sweet forehead for me. I agree with you about the quiet. I need to let more into our lives. There are so many many things on our to-do list right now that it's a bit overwhelming. ...but one at a time. We were so stressed about finances last night after a long talk (that we didn't even have time to get to till last night)... I paused and looked at an utterly exhausted Shaun holding a sleeping Clara in his arms and said... "Remember honey. We have to remember that this (pointing to Clara) is the reason we're doing all of this. She's the reason, and Ava. They're not financial "inconveniences" and we are truly blessed. We have to remember that. This other stuff? It's only temporary" After he went to bed, I read about a young girl who recently died unexpectedly. After that I crawled into bed after checking on everyone, gave a groggy hubby a kiss and thought to myself, "Blessed. We are SO so blessed".

    As are you. xo

    1. Marijanna,
      You stated it so beautifully about being blessed!

      Can you imagine what this world would be like if we would take the time to *truly* appreciate even some of our many blessings?

    2. I know. Especially when speaking about children, the world would be very different if the adults had all felt "appreciated as blessings" when they were children.

  4. Beautifully written, Sarah...right from a mother's heart. I agree. When I remember to take a moment a listen to the quiet, I become refreshed and humbled and content once again. Enjoy your own quiet time before the busy time that is spring arrives.

    P.S. Steve always tells me he has to read my blog to find out what we are doing on the weekend! : )

  5. Love your photo, especially the catchlights in her eyes! My husband likes to read my blog too. I think he learns a lot about me and the way things work when he is not here. He understands it's my quiet spot to process everything that goes on in our busy lives.

  6. Quiet is always good. It's not always easy, but is good. I have to believe it is when God speaks to us the most, right? When we are quieted within our souls.

    Great post.
    Love you.

  7. I am having a quiet day here right now and this spoke to me! I am bedridden with allergies and so exhausted so I'm taking a day to just rest. GLORIOUS REST AND QUIET!!!

    And that is so sweet - I am so flattered when my husband notices my blogpost and tells me about it when he gets home. He is really the person whose opinion matters the most to me anyway. And if anything ever happened to me, they have the blog to go back to (wow that is morbid!!)


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