Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pope Speak: JOY

In a world so troubled, so uncertain, it's easy to lose our peace and security.

It's easy to lose our joy.

But our shepherd reminds us that our Good Shepherd is always there to meet us and grow in relationship with us. What a poignant reminder.

'It is the joy of faith, the joy of having encountered Jesus, the joy that only Jesus gives us, the joy that gives peace: not what the world gives, but what Jesus gives. This is our faith. We ask the Lord to help us grow in this faith, this faith that makes us strong, that makes us joyful, this faith that always begins with our encounter with Jesus and always continues throughout our lives in our small daily encounters with Jesus.'

-Pope Francis

April 18, 2013

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  1. Lately it seems so hard to keep an eye on the hope and to hold fast to the faith, doesn't it? Satan is so strong and seems to be growing so every day. And I believe that the harder people pray, the stronger he grows, but I know, down deep in my heart, God will prevail. He is always with us, isn't He?


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