Thursday, February 7, 2013

Snowflakes And Hearts Birthday

Want a sneak peek at the birthday bash for the little girls this weekend?

Since we're in the dead middle of winter, I went with a snowflake and heart theme. 

The party guest list is simple and includes some family, Godparents and a couple of priests. We usually keep our parties simple, but add just a couple more guests for the First Birthday. 

The Invites:

I contemplated how to kindly tell people not to bring gifts because we have enough toys and the girls for the most part have enough clothing. And then in the middle of the night, I got an idea. I mentioned it to hubby and the more he thought about it, even he said it was perfect. 

Check out the bottom of the invitation.

For The Eats:

We are doing just  munchies snacks and then cake and ice cream since the party is in the early afternoon. I'm planning on having these paper cones I made for the guests to put their snacks in. I thought they were cute and a little more fun than a bowl.

Pinterest inspired.

(I used some of these printable paper cones that worked with our color theme and also bought scrapbooking paper at JoAnn's for the rest)


We made some Popsicle stick snowflakes last weekend for winter decorations. I thought these would work well for the party decor as well.

Paint the sticks white.

Use a hot glue gun to glue together.

Decorate with different colored buttons.
(I know, not the greatest photo but the only one I have downloaded right now)

We hung them up in front of some windows and the patio door.

In addition to the snowflakes that are adorning some of the windows, we'll also hang tissue paper pom-poms  to set the mood.

Again, thanks to Pinterest.

I read these directions and these, before I tackled the project.

More details to come later.

Of course, you're all invited and I'd love it if you could come on over to help us celebrate.

If not, you know I'll at least post plenty (probably enough to make you tired of seeing pink and red) of photos next week.


  1. I was just thinking that my invite most have got lost in the mail, but then you invited us - phew!

    Great idea on the gifts...especially when they are that young and don't understand anyways. We only gave Xander a balloon for his first birthday. Smartest think I ever did.

  2. How exciting!!! I love those paper cones!! And you did a super duper job on the prints you picked out. Way to go. Tell the kids that the snowflakes look smashing as well. So exciting to celebrate the BIG one (and two :) Have fun!

  3. Can't wait to see more!!! I love parties!! You've done a great job so far!!!

    Love the snack cups and the snowflakes! The pom pom flower thingy's will look great!!

    Love the idea for a crisis pregnancy place...instead of food shelf, especially since your little girls are still babies!!

  4. Thanks for the invite, Sarah! We would LOVE to come and celebrate your two sweet angels, but sadly,it looks as if a nasty winter storm will keep us home. Have no fear, we will be celebrating with you in spirit, and awaiting pictures of all the fun!

    Everything looks great...and I love the no gift idea at that age. I remember being so stressed after 1st birthday parties about all the clean up and all those toys and clothes and stuff, when my littles were more interested in the crumpled wrapping paper!

    Of couse, this was with my first littles, back when I did all the over the top parties with every person we knew. Now, in my...ahemm...over 40 wisdom, I realize that small family and close friend parties are best for the little one and for us!

    I love the snowflake idea. They are beautiful. I will be stealing that one. Have a wonderful time with your two birthday girls and your two helpers too!

  5. So cute! I may not be available to come though. Might be celebrating my own little "birth" day. such great ideas!

  6. What a wonderful and selfless idea! I will have to remember that for the future. I love your decorations and invitations. I wish I could be that crafty.

    I was also wondering how you pronounce the name Gianna? I've heard it pronounced so many ways. I heard St. Gianna's son speak on EWTN once and he pronounced it Jahn-nah.

    1. Kari- we pronounce it G-ah-nah (not sure how to type that out), although Gianna now says her name exactly the way you you mentioned :) It's pretty cute.

    2. I like both pronunciations! I think it is such a beautiful name.


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