Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Won't Be Quitting My Day Job

I enjoy taking photos and of course my kids are my favorite victims subjects.

But you just never know what you're going to get when you set out for a Saturday morning photo shoot.

Oh heck, their cute. Just not perfect and easy to tease with the camera.

Two year old photo shoot Gianna style :

She was real eager to please, can't you tell? Stinker.

I wanted to try just a couple with the necklaces, but wouldn't you know she would not let me take them off. Of course.

Click, click, point, shoot, click, click. Maybe I'll get something that will work.

One of these may do it. 

Suddenly she's almost two going on seventeen. Good grief, what is it with these photos? 

Maybe it was the clean hair, the hair clip or maybe the necklaces.

My 'blonde-ish', blue eyed girl just grew up right in front of my camera.

I almost wept.

So I moved on to trying my hand at the one year old with a pretty puffy pink dress.

You can tell she *loved* that idea.

Every photo was caught with her and the TV remote in her hand. It was the lure to get her to have her photos, but of course we couldn't pry it out of her hands after that.


I don't think I'll worry about my photography business taking off any time soon.

I better just stick to the Mommy gig instead.

*Note: I promise one day you'll stop by here and not see a gratuitous photo post of my little girls. I really do have more things going on in my brain to write about, it's just that those posts take longer to compose. And again, lest you worry I've shipped my big kids off to college, they still live here. They just get a little more tired of me taking their pictures.


  1. Please don't ever stop posting about your sweet little ladies! Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL! That last one of your little pink princess is almost identical to one of my Peyton at one year old...Her hair is exactly like I had Peyton's and I kept it like that until she was like 10! And she had a dress just like that one (white), and she was not happy at having her picture taken, so the photographer gave her a bright red ball to hold! And of course, that made her happy! But it did not make me happy. So my sweet husband was able to pry it out and replace it with a white one. And now I am looking at it and smiling and remembering that day...sigh...

    Anyway...don't feel as if you need to write about anything else except what is the largest part of your life at this point...the part that makes up most of your day...the part of your life that you don't ever want to forget...the part of your life that is paassing way too quickly...your sweet little ones!

  2. Oh, my gosh, those are cute!!!! (all of them)

    The ones of Gianna, I'd get prints of, really they turned out perfect!

    The ones of Margaret, well, they are adorable!

    I bought a white sheet and a black sheet, and plan to iron them and try a photo shoot too...what is the best light to use? Natural? or Flash?

    1. As for light, I tried both. My background for this photo shoot was our bedroom curtains and a blanket on the chair (cheap, right?). I did it mid morning and tried it with my lights off and on. I just set it on an automatic setting and I don't think my flash popped up. Can't remember. As you can see, I still ended up with shadowing behind them but haven't figured out yet how to fix that.
      I love my new camera, but I know there is so much more I could be doing with it. If only I had time to read/watch the tutorials I have pinned on Pinterest!
      I kept playing around with the settings, but when they are that little there's only so much time to waste readjusting.
      I edit with ipiccy.com and have found that to be super easy and I'm happy with it. It fixes some of the lighting issues automatically (click fix, it will fix and then click Apply) and there are numerous other changes that can be made. Most of my photos over the last couple months have been adjusted and fixed through that site. I also add my photo watermarks from there as well.
      Have fun with your photo shoot!!

  3. Personally, I like simple posts....everyone is so HEAVY right now, my mush mind just can't take it. I'm simple. But that's supposed to be good right?

    1. I know, heavy and lent filled. Oh, and the Pope too. I want to write more thoughful posts, but they just don't get far. I start to feel guilty that this blog just became a random blog filled with attempts at feeble photography. lol.
      I like simple. And I like all you post Miss Jamie :)

  4. The little girls are just precious. They grow up so fast, don't they?!!!

  5. Seriously Miss Gianna has just grown up too much! You are right... that picture makes her look like such a big girl!!!! Can't believe she's almost 2!!

  6. You will look back and LOVE these photos one day. Perfect is boring. Give those cheeks some kisses from moi :)

  7. Oh gosh! Those pictures, those girls, those outfits....darling!! At that age, I bet you were sweating a ton! LOL Hang in there. BTW, I read in a great photography book that north windows are the BEST light. Not right in front of the window, but a few feet away, with the subject sitting with his side to the window area. You sitting on the other side of room, facing subject, with your side to the window. Try it and see how it works.


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