Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Beloved Papa Ben

Have you heard the news??

I am shocked by Pope Benedict's resignation. I feel so unprepared and very concerned.

I have a special spot in my heart for this man and wonder where the future of our Church will be heading.

In light of recent events, the re-election of our President and that I'm also living in a diocese awaiting a new Bishop, I feel unsure of the unknown. 

All this on a Monday when I was already feeling a bit off kilter starting my day off. 

I have no words. Now is the time to pray for our future leader of the Church.

And pray for the sweet man with the red shoes whom I've become so fond of. 


  1. I was very surprised which leads me to think that maybe there is some diagnosed illness or incapacitated future that he has in the near future. He definitely needs our prayers and the Church needs us to pray for its next shepherd as well.

  2. Oh my! I wonder about his successor! Who will become our new Pope?

  3. Are you in our diocese?

    I was so sad this morning (and scared) too....trying to trust.

    1. Yes, Jamie, we're in the same diocese.
      I hear you, a bit scared for some reason as well.

  4. I, too, am so sad. Selfishly, yes, but also because he was so good for our Church.

  5. I too Sarah was surprised and concerned when I saw this today. Praying for him and us as well...

  6. Prayers for Pope Benedict and the future leadership of Mother Church. Did you happen to see the interview with Matt Lauer and Cardinal Timothy Dolan this morning on the Today show? Cardinal Dolan did such a fantastic job talking about Pope Benedict and showing how very loving and concerned we all are, but also placing trust in the Holy Spirit to guide the Papal Conclave. I trust that it will be all right.


  7. Hi Sarah, It was nice to hear from you! Yes, I remember when you went to Guatemala with my dad. Nice to connect with someone from my hometown :)

    Very sad, indeed, about Pope Benedict's resignation. Praying for a the right Pope for our times to lead the Church now. God's Will be done in all things.

  8. Take heart, Sarah! The Holy Spirit isn't surprised by this and has it all under control! It is very sad, but all providential. Loved Valerie's comment above. Also from Christopher West's fb update:

    I remember when Pope John Paul I died in 1978. There was a sense that God was taking extraordinary measures to do something amazing, which he did with the election of a Polish Pope. Today, with the news of Benedict XVI abdicating the chair of Peter, I have a similar sense that God is up to something extraordinary. Our beloved Pope Benedict has carried the torch for the JP II generation. He's been a true father to us all. Thank you, Holy Father! We love you and, with you, we place all our confidence and hope in God's providence at this remarkable moment of the Church's journey.

  9. Hi Sarah,
    I was deeply saddened, but after recovering from the shock of today's announcement, remain very hopeful! It really is exciting - this is history here and now. :-)

    I, too, pray for our beloved BXVI, Holy Mother Church, and all the faithful.



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