Friday, February 1, 2013

Little Lady Of The House

 Well, she's hardly so little any more. BIG Miss Margaret has decided to turn one year old tomorrow, whether I'm ready or not.

I can still remember all the details of her arrival and how EASY PEASY  memorable it was. Could that already have been one year ago?! But then I recall the chaos of the last year, the stress, the good, the bad and it definitely seems like one.whole.year.ago.

Ok, ok, I'll stop with the mommy reflections. 

How about some photos? 

Thanks to Patty and the fact that I actually remembered her posting about taking photos at home and a DIY backdrop, I gave it a whirl.

Just a few of the outtakes:

And a few of my favorites:

Next up, hopefully more photos this weekend in a different set of clothes and try to pick a favorite.

I'm also reminded that a certain almost two year old little girl needs her own photo shoot too.

Phew. I'm going to be busy.

Did I mention my baby turns ONE tomorrow?!

Just checking.


  1. Oh, my, she is just precious! Wouldn't it be great if we could freeze them at this age and take them out every once in a while just to remember how they are exactly at this moment in time?

  2. She is so pretty and so much hair! My little Cecilia will be one at the beginning of March.

  3. Oh, my! Our babies are only like 5 weeks apart? I thought she was so much younger! Happy birthday to your sweet little girly!! Those pictures are beautiful....I'm going to have to buy some material...

  4. LOVE! the purple on purple. And purple looks good on her :) I still cannot believe it, Sarah. I remember keeping an eye on the blog, sitting with my feet up, holding a newborn in my arms wondering if you had gone in yet. I personally like the one of her blowing raspberries at you while on her horse. A beautiful little girl who is turning ONE tomorrow!! Hugs and kisses from TX!

  5. She's adorable! I know it is soooo cliche, but time goes by more quickly with each one. At least you have perspective to appreciate they busy-ness of the baby/toddler years as you know how quickly it flies by.

  6. oh my gosh. One whole year - already?!
    What a sweetheart she is!
    Happy birthday, Miss Margaret!

  7. Sarah...she is beautiful! What a cutie! Enjoy her special day. I am always like..."last year at this time I left for the hospital...etc..." : )

  8. Awww I love how the pictures came out! She is so adorable! Happy birthday Margaret! :)

  9. Happy Birthday Margaret! And man, am I envious of all that cute hair. I mean, you even can put a barrette in it!!! Elizabeth is lagging greatly in that department, but oh well...hopefully soon!

    I would love to get Margaret, Gianna, and Elizabeth together for a play date this summer. Maybe we could meet half-way. Now that I am home much more, I could do something during the week. I hope you had a GREAT birthday weekend!


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