Monday, February 4, 2013

Almost Twins, But Not Quite

I currently have two one year olds living under my roof. 

My Irish twins are both one year old for about two weeks. 

This is how it will forever be. The little girls will always be the same age for two whole weeks. 

A year ago, that freaked me out.

This year, it's kind of funny.

Only God in his infinite wisdom (and Divine sense of humor) could have come up with something this good.

Several years ago, this would have only been a dream and never thought of as a reality.

Blessed we are, don't you think?

Blessed because we get to treasure precious birthdays two more times than we thought we would.

Blessed because we get to laugh at silly girly faces. Times two.

And watch as that baby wonders what on earth we are doing singing and putting fire in front of her.

Blessed that a big brother has another little sister to look up to him (although he doesn't think it's so great, right now at least).

Blessed for lots of birthdays and lots of cake that we'll consume times two, every February.

Who couldn't help but smile at that? 


  1. Oh, all are indeed blessed. And so are be born into a home with all that love! Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!

    P.S. Adorable!

  2. I would totally combine the parties because I am not as good a mom as you! So sweet, your little Irish twins :)

  3. Oh, blessed for sure!! God bless your sweet little baby!!

  4. I love irish twins! My husband is one. His sister is 50 weeks older than him and then there is another set of irish twins in his family - 2 other sisters are only 48 weeks apart. In total his mom had 7 kids (no actual twins) in 7.5 years, the furthest any of them are apart is 18 months. They are all really good friends with each other and I love have so many in-laws that are close in age to me.

    Fun pics of the girs!!

  5. Oh what sweetness! She looks like such a big girl with her hair pulled aside in that bow. Love the cake-freight! But it looks as though she recovered :) Happy, happy birthday to such a sweet little one year old!!

  6. haha cute pics Greta! Can't believe you're 1 already!! Can't wait to celebrate with you all next week!

  7. what a beautiful February your family will always have!! congratulations to your little girls !!

  8. Congrats on making it through this first year with Irish twins!!
    As you know, I also have Irish twins - two sets!! :-)
    My oldest two are 364 days apart, and are the best of friends yet, at ages 29 and 28!! Every year in April - for one whole day - they are the same age, and my daughter never lets her brother forget it!! :-D

    Our set number two is 50 weeks apart, and will turn 12 and 13 in May. :-) These girls are almost inseparable. BFFs for life, I'm sure.

    Wishing blessings to the birthday girls and your whole loving family! God is so good~

  9. Oh my goodness, all of your children are so beautiful! God is very good, indeed :)

  10. OH...MY...GOSH... So So stinking cute! I just laughed out loud when I saw the cake pics. TOOOO funny. You are richly blessed. Shows how when we pray to God for something... he hears us and when he answers, always does it more abundantly than we could ever expect. Please give those sweet girls kisses from us here and know I'll think of you during February knowing that we will always share February as a 'birthday month" in our homes... for our girls. xo

  11. Oh, the cake montage... :)

    Happy birthday babies!

  12. You all look fantastic Sarah. I miss the blogging world, but can't seem to find time to add it to the day. Tonight, all is quiet, and I thought I would say hello and let you know how beautiful your family is.


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