Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Makes Its Debut

Just over a week or so ago the weather was balmy and in the 40's. And then last week it was still pretty nice and in the upper 20's and low 30's. I kept thinking how it didn't seem like December last week when the grass was brown.

I should've known better than to bask in the thought of a possible non-winter type winter. You know, like the ones other people enjoy. The winters without snow or minimal snow.

But that's not MinneSNOWta, is it?

We went from those balmy days to some snow on Friday and Saturday. There was just enough for the kids to play in and still not get too cold.

Saturday evening the snow started falling again in massive quantities. We made it in to Mass Sunday morning(we only live a mile from church), but none of the side streets in our little town were plowed.

By mid morning the wind had started up and the Blizzard Warning we were in proved obvious. The snow was still falling and swirling around like crazy.

When all was said and done, at least a foot of snow was dumped on us. The big kids ventured out several times and dear hubby went and did the back breaking work of shoveling.

I spent the day indoors with the little girls since it was just too cold to have them both outside. Our view from inside:

The girls liked it better in doors and rolling around and playing any way.

In the midst of the weekend blizzard, we managed to get some baking done and also Christmas decorating.

We are almost running out of staircase to put up our stockings!

Today is bitterly cold and will be an inside kind of day. When we woke up it was -7 degrees outside. That's seven BELOW zero, people. A bit more nippy than it has been. I reminded the kids this morning of the 102 degree temps we had around 4th of July. That was 109 degrees difference from this morning!!! Whoa.

Not much ahead for our week, besides a Little Flowers meeting tomorrow and piano recital in the evening. It will be Jonah's first time performing for an audience. I am hoping it goes well.

Until then, it's a season of waiting, isn't it?

I am eagerly awaiting  a great nephew or niece who should debut (hopefully) tomorrow. And of course, waiting on Minnesota Mom and her litttle man's arrival too.

And while we're all waiting, could you spare a prayer? There are so many in the world/blogosphere asking for prayers, but maybe you could say one for my friend who suffered through a miscarriage last week. Thank you!

Happy Second Week of Advent!!


  1. I wish we had snow! We were teased a bit at my in-laws yesterday.

    Will keep your intentions in my prayers. Lots of needs right now, aren't there?

  2. Oh my...Sarah! A foot of snow? My kids will be envious! We were just saying that with temperatures in the 60s last week, it just doesn't seem like December! Enjoy all that snow outside, while you all are cozy and warm inside...Happy Monday! : )

  3. Great post! Love the photos! I'm not complaining right now to not have to shovel ;)

    I will definitely pray for your friend!

  4. Ohhhh thanks for posting about the stockings on the staircase! We no longer have a mantel (we have a fireplace but no mantel) and I was wondering how to display the stockings. But I can totally put them by our stairs, or over a railing.

    1. Glad I could inspire you Allison! Best part is that we use the Command strip hooks to hang the stockings and they come off quite nicely after Christmas :)

  5. As a former citizen of (northern) Illinois, I recall just what those negative numbers mean. For example, you know it is cold when you step inside the garage, breathe, and your nostrils stick together...freeze together! LOL The snow does look so beautiful though. I wouldn't mind having it just for the month of December, and then it could go back to its warmer temps. :) Sunday morning I was out running errands in shorts and flip flops...Sunday night it turned down right cold (cold for us Texans :) and that's when we woke up to that "snow fall" on Monday morning. Suppose to be back in the 70's by this weekend. I don't like the back and forth...I'd rather it stay in one spot for awhile. Have a great week!

  6. Awwwww, beautiful! My gang is dreaming/praying for a white Christmas. Last year we had just some ice and a few flakes. The bitter cold we could do without but there is something so sweet about rosy cheeks and warming frosty toes by the fire.


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