Thursday, December 20, 2012

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One of my favorite things this time of year is the beauty of the Christmas tree. I think what I enjoy most is the fond memories that our ornaments hold. While I have 'filler' ornaments to fill in the blanks on the tree, there are plenty of ornaments that each of the kids have received in their lifetime. Hubby and I have several of our favorites, along with our first Christmas together, our new home and a special hand painted one for our miscarried baby.
Add to that the cute baby under the tree that is filled with wonder as she swats at the branches and ornaments, wich makes it even more memorable.

C'mon, don't those big blue eyes just exude innocence?


There is something about that father-child bond that is so special and precious to watch. My husband has certain games/songs and things that he does with each of the kids. While they are young, each has enjoyed his rendition of 'this little piggy' as he plays with their toes. The other evening it again received rave reviews and laughter from Margaret. I love these happy moments that are captured in time and forever written on our hearts.


I am learning that boys are a funny thing. Boys in a house filled with girls are an even funnier thing. While snapping away taking photos, I turn to my son for a quick shot. He gives me this pose. I can't help but laugh at the difference of a boy, but also at the unique joy he brings. It's a mother-son thing, I'm sure.


Hot chocolate and cookies with friends is one of the little things this week that helped us keep our mind on the season of Advent. How precious and few are the moments of preparation, as well as the cultivation of friendship in the midst of life's busyness. The kids enjoyed the sweet treats, a whole can of whipped cream and lots of laughter together during our little visit. Savoring the simple joys is a very real part of this season. The season of Advent and this current season of life in our household.


  1. A whole can? You are the!

    Dads are so sweet with babies, especially baby girls. Kinda makes you fall in love all over again.

    I just love this time of year!!!

  2. So beautifully written, Sarah...beautiful pictures as well. I too have one boy in a house of girls. So much fun, right? : ) Enjoy these wonderful days with that sweet family!

  3. Love the pictures! And I completely agree with Colleen's comments!

    Merry Christmas, friend!

  4. Love the pics. ...and I want some cookies and whipped cream (mental note: go to grocery store later as Sarah's house is unfortunately too far away... bummer)

    Daddy's and their babies (esp. girls) boy does it make me fall in love with my hub all over again.

    And that boy! BOY is he a ham. And you're right! They are SOoooo different.

  5. Hello up there! The snow looks beautiful outside the kitchen window. Sending warm hugs your way.

  6. Looking at your family, it is so similar to mine. My 9 year old stuck in the middle of 5 girls...he is a totally different species! We do have baby Peter...maybe I'll understand the whole "boy" thing by the time he gets a little bigger!

    Love those beautiful blue eyes on your babe!

  7. A lot of joy in this post! Thank you!


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