Thursday, December 13, 2012

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There's nothing quite like Christmas music being played by youngsters that puts you in the Christmas spirit. The kids had their piano recital the other evening and I couldn't help but take several photos. They both looked so nice all dressed up (Jonah insisted on wearing the shirt and tie) and relieved that their performance was finished.

Having grandparents share in your performance also adds to that happy feeling and excitement.

It makes a mom proud for her children's hard work (and her own for getting them to weekly lesson and practicing each day) when they sit in front of the piano and play a tune.


Photos like this one of chipper little morning toddler almost make the miserable night's of her screaming and crying easily forgotten. Almost. This girl is talking more and more each day and strings words and familiar phrases together so well. We have to laugh when we hear her talking to herself and she is getting into things and says, "Careful...Gianna...."


The other day I turned from the kitchen and found this stinker had crawled into the laundry basket. She was so proud of herself and I couldn't help but laugh. The ever-constant reminder that children grow too quickly and that she is swiftly wrapping up her first year of life. Where has the time gone?


The recital on Tuesday was the very first for my Mr. Studly and while he completely forgot to play part of his first song, I chalk it up to opening night jitters. Since he only began lessons in late September, he is progressing nicely and doing well. Despite some resistance at times, I am still hoping to help this boy find his niche some place. It may not be piano, but I think the music practice and lessons are beneficial for him. Sometimes he needs someone besides mom correcting and sharpening his learning skills.
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  1. Love the pictures! Those baby girls are just precious!!!

    We have the same baskets-they last forever! AND my littles crawl in too!

  2. Love this, Sarah...Flynn has been showing an interest in our piano...She loves to sit and bang on it and sing as loud as she can! Love the happy morning toddler here too! Have a great day!

  3. I want to come steal Gianna and Greta from you, ok? And your biggies look so grownup and gorgeous. What a gift to give them musical lessons!

  4. Ohhh! I love these pictures. That Gianna, I just want to kiss her right on her nose! And Margaret... I feel ya! Ava always helps me er "fold" (unfold) my laundry. I have to do it while she's napping. Your talented older chidren! Great job learning discipline and seeing the fruits of their hard work! Good job Mom!

  5. Yes, you better keep guard of your kiddos we mama bloggers all want to steal them--they are so darn cute!!

    Love all the pictures, and I can't believe Margaret crawled into that basket!! Simeon is constantly crawling under and over things, mostly under tables and benches, and bumping his head, doesnt' bother him, he just keeps going, but I see the bruises later...when he goes into the hospital they are going to wonder what those bruises are on his forehead!!

  6. Three cheers for music lessons! So much cognitive development!


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