Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas....A Little Late

From Our Home To Yours....

May you have a very blessed Christmas Season.

The Christmas Morning Pj's Shot:

The After Christmas Morning Mass Shot:

Yup, this is as good as we get people. But for this year, it's just perfect and just right.

Now we're off school for Christmas break and I'm looking forward to just a little less routine for a few days. 

Lily is busy playing with her new American Girl doll (score!!) and Jonah is busy building, building, building with his Lego sets (another score!!).

The little girls will keep mildly entertained with playing with their picnic set inside their new pop-up tent.


Today I'm taking it easy and catching up on laundry. 

I'm still recovering from hubby home for four fun-filled days, Christmas Eve midnight Mass by.myself., waking up at 5:30am Christmas morning to get the troops ready for Mass, celebrating with hubby's family and then coming home and tidying up around the house. 

Needless to say, I was zonked out last night by 7:30.

But it was all good. Very good. A wonderful weekend and holiday.


  1. Oh how I love those shots, especially the last one of Jonah and Greta - too funny!

    I heart Christmas Midnight Mass and I can't wait until the kids are older and we can go. Sounds like a great Christmas filled with family time. Perfect!

  2. Love the photos, Sarah! Sounds like a happy, blessed, fun family day. And those are the best, right?! : ) Enjoy your break...we love it here. Jammies and cocoa and no routine! Ahhhh! Merry Christmas!

  3. OH, your kids are so beautiful--Merry Christmas!! Enjoy the time off--your day sounds like mine...laundry...

  4. Beautiful scenes from a beautiful family! Blessed Christmas to you!

  5. Merry Christmas, Sarah! Not too late...just beginning :)
    Great pictures...those are the best kind, by the way. Wishing peace, joy, and rest your way :)

  6. Patty's right! Christmas Season has just begun. I'm all about late (mostly cause I'm not nearly as organized as Miss Colleen Martin ...she's my hero) The photos are great and your kids are all sweetness. What a blessing to have Christmas with children.

    You sound like you had a FULL schedule! It's tougher as we get older, isn't it? I think of how the lack of sleep never affected me in my "youth" ...and now that I need that resilience, I don't have it.

    Enjoy catching up and relaxing. Have a most Blessed Christmas Season!

  7. Great pictures! Ohhh....laundry...I meant to get to that today. Perhaps tomorrow!

  8. prayers for a very Merry Christmastide & New Year!


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