Wednesday, December 12, 2012

(A Little Wordy) Wordless Wednesday: 12/12/12

What?! We're all here, alive and well? The world didn't end today on

Or at least it hasn't YET.

My kids got just a bit excited about the numbers today as Lily declared "None of us will ever see these numbers line up again in our lifetime!" She's realistic, if nothing else.

Of course, we grabbed the camera at just the right moment....

and commemorated the event.

We are also celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is my favorite Marian feast day. It's chicken stuffed burritos for supper and yummy cake for dessert to celebrate at our house.

**This photo was taken at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, during one of our visits.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for Us!


  1. Madison texted me from school at 12:12! Happy Feast Day too! Madison had a special Mass today in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe and she really enjoyed it. Have a good night!

  2. Alright, seriously, how far are you from that shrine? We should plan a blogger meet-up there in the Spring!!! I am sooooo serious!

  3. Man... you guys are WAY more organized than MOI! The importance of this day slipped right on by me! And no mexican food for dinner. An unexpected night with the hubby (who was supposed to be gone for the eve) stirred up an impromptu meal. Looked like such fun, though.

  4. We ate tacos and choco tacos for dessert! I love celebrating feast days simply, that's about all I can handle!

    And the world is supposed to end on 12/21/12 according to the Mayans...get ready ;)


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