Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oodles Of Firsts

Who knew that when we worked on our Summer Bucket List that so many other things would easily make the list? Unexpected and fun things. Sometimes just ordinary, summer things.

But this week, it has been a number of 'Firsts' that made the list.

First haircuts for BOTH little girls on the same day!

Gianna, before:

After, looking all grown up:

Margaret's cut was just a little snip of some long ends in the back, so it's hardly noticeable. However, it's still her very first cut.

First organized run (1K) for my big kids:

They ran their first run in my hometown last Saturday, despite the already humid and hot conditions. I may have some runners on my hands, especially Jonah. They had a blast running it with their cousins.

First parade for Margaret:

She enjoyed it and was happy just hanging out in the stroller while it all passed by.

First cereal:

Additionally, Miss Margaret's first tooth has broke through. It's not evident enough yet to get a photo.

With all of these strides my family is making this summer, it's hard to keep up. Growing, growing, growing and not much time for a whole lot of other things.

How's your summer going?


  1. Our summer's going great, Sarah! We are draining it to the dregs, and I'm sure that being a fellow Minnesota, you understand.

    Miss Margaret's getting so cute!! Correction: she has ALWAYS been cute, but her little haircut is just darling.

  2. Not a fan of the cereal, huh? Gianna looks like such a little spirit, mischevious and sweet mixed up together. Maybe Jonah has found his "thing" with running?? And you can have 2 running buddies :)

  3. Adorable! And, I can't believe Margaret is eating cereal--time flies!

  4. Love all those firsts! Especially the little divet in the back of Margaret's of my favorite parts on a baby :)

    Way to go, runners!! Great exercise!

    Waiting to see if my little one is going to cut a tooth soon. She's been grinding away on everything and anything :)

  5. YOur kiddos are such cuties! I admire those runners... from afar. Wish I was a runner.

    Ava just cut her two bottom teeth within the past 2 weeks and it was miserable, but she does look so cute. I also am unable to snap any pics.

    Enjoy all those firsts. They seem to tumble one after another!


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