Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fever? We've Got It!

In more ways than one.

Miss Gianna still has proven not to be 100% just yet. She's been sick since last Monday evening and although she has been up and around like normal, she has yet to get complete health.

She keeps running a low grade temp off and on most days and with spikes here and there when least expected. Her highest temp came Wednesday evening just before bed at 104.5. This is all very scary stuff for this mama whose kids are generally very healthy.

We're trying to keep her comfortable with Pedialyte when she isn't eating/snacking, Desitin for her very sore bottom and tag-teaming Ibuprofen and Tylenol.

Anyone else with Olympic fever?

Ok, so it's not exactly FEVER that we have, but we are watching. Well, the big kids and I are watching here and there. We aren't huge sports fans, but I am doing my best to catch Michael Phelps when I can.

And my kids are catching on. I guess you could say we have Michael Phelps fever.

But did you see him Saturday night after the 400 individual medley? The interview was heart-breaking afterward. After not even making it to medal, this reporter is asking what his emotions are...blah, blah, blah....and all I see is 'deer in the headlights' as Michael hasn't a clue how to respond. I could barely watch.

I know that I've heard about Michael having drama out of the pool in the last four years since Beijing, but I still kinda like the guy.

It's starting to look like American swimmer, Ryan Lochte, may find his time at London and rack up the medals this time around.

Maybe we'll catch the Lochte fever.

Thanks to the user-friendly NBC Olympic website, we're making notes in our days ahead so we don't miss either one.

I think the Phelps or Lochte fever would be MUCH better than the icky fevers Jonah and Gianna had this past week. Here's to hoping a healthier week is ahead!


  1. I am a HUGE fan of Ryan Lochte (based purely on looks and that order!). I'm glad he is finally getting his time to shine. I do want Phelps to get 3 more medals to be the most decorted Olympian ever though....just not in races with Ryan :)

    Feel better my blog family in MN!!!!

  2. Sorry everyone has been ill there! Though sometimes those are cozy times curled on the couch! We have been enjoying some olympics over here as well. I hope everyone recovers very soon!

  3. We are watching the games as well. I just love the olympics! God made so many amazingly beautiful people in this world. All different...all beautiful!

    Hoping you all get better soon. Those high fevers can be scary. We had that sort of bug the first two weeks of July. Talk about disappointment. Couldn't do much but go to the doctor's office ;(

  4. It's a gift - you get to sit around holding your sick babe and watch the Olympics. I'm finding I can't sit still that long except for the gymnastics. Mommyhood has trained me to be too much on the go! Hope she feels better soon!

  5. We're in a western 'burb of Minneapolis and had that high fever thing in late spring this year. It worked through the whole family and only missed the baby (praise God!). My doc never checked, but guessed it was the flu which was particularly nasty this year and I did not do the vaccinations in the children. I got one because I was pregnant.

    I read in a couple places to stick to either tylenol or ibu and our doc backed that up saying there aren't any studies that say mixing them does a better job and can lead to accidental overdoses. How about freeze pops? Sometimes they'll go down easier, especially this time of year. We got some awesome diaper rash cream as a prescription from our doc. It is either called "poop goop" or "butt paste" and the pharmacist mixes it. It cost $30 (with insurance!) but was a huge tub and totally worth it.

    It breaks my heart when kiddos are sick, especially when the normally spunky ones loose all their fire. Praying for your house to return to good health.

  6. Awwww, hoping every one feels better soon!

    My 7 year old couldn't even wash dishes last night because of the olympics....

  7. Hope they're all feeling better... I think Ryan and Michael are feeling GREAT after last night's success! I know that I'm not looking forward to any serious illnesses with my little one. Any time she's even a little sick, my heart breaks, so I hear ya.


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