Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

I went back to my hometown this weekend for their city celebration. I really don't go back to hang out with classmates or spend a whole lot of time wandering the streets, we go for the family time and the parade. I'm from small town USA, so the parade isn't ginormous but more than sufficient.

Trust me, the bags of candy my kids brought home would tell you so.

We escaped the heat and sun as much as we could with the little girls and even scored some shade for parade viewing. We were unsure how Gianna would handle the loud sirens at the parade after she did not fare well with the ships a few weeks ago.

Some time on grandpa's lap, some time with grandma and then back to daddy proved to do the trick and she ended up loving the parade.

Again, we're talking small town Minnesota here, so tractors are a given. Even better, this year's theme was 'Down On The Farm', so there was an abundance of farm gear as far as the eye could see.

A priest driving a tractor? You betcha! My parents parishes just had a priest change and are now blessed with Fr. JP (pictured here) and Fr. G (our friend who I've mentioned here on my blog in the past)

Don't forget the horses! There are a few local families who have teams of gorgeous horses in the parade and are definitely Lily's favorites.

Following the parade we had a cookout with my uncle's family, my brother's family and my parents. Afterward, my kids tried to beat the heat with a little time in the sprinkler before heading back in to the AC.

This morning after Mass and brunch, we had cake to celebrate my brother's birthday this week and Lily's name day (yesterday). Here he is with one of my nephews, his son.

Before final good-byes, a few more photos were caught outside.

The Four Firecrackers:

Happy Buddies:

Mother and Child:

Peek-a-boo Baby:

I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with home, family and fun!


  1. Sarah, such cute photos! Thank you for sharing them. I love to see what other blog friends have been up to around the world :) It looks like a fun weekend for your family! Hometown parades are a definite summer bucket list, gold medal winner!

  2. What great photos and such a great weekend! Those kiddos, oooh! I could just eat up that Margaret! How close are the two youngest? I'm pregnant with our 2nd and Ava and this one will be about 13-14mo apart.

    1. Thanks Marijanna! The little girls are 11 1/2 months apart. Some very crazy/busy/hectic days in the beginning but each day/month gets a little easier :)


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