Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Bucketful Of Summer

Inspired by one of my favorite Texans, Patty, we came up with a summer bucket list for our family.

Some things on the list are rather simple, some will be able to be accomplished numerous times during the summer and others are one time deals.

Either way, it will help keep in mind lots of fun things to do this summer. With the two little girls in the household, a lot of time seems to be dominated by naps, snacks, bottles and diaper changes, so the list will help keep us focused and create some other fun times for the big kids.

We've already making good progress and have plans for a few of the items on the list for the very near future.


- Swimming in the lake

- Camp out in the backyard

- Mini-golf and Go-karts

- Vocations Camp

- Picnic lunch with dad at the park

- Family Vacation in Duluth

- Check out the revolving restaurant (on top floor of local hotel in Duluth) while on vacation

- Run through the sprinkler

- Geocaching and hiding caches for others to find

- Spend time checking out the local libraries

- Go to a County Fair

- Invite our new parish priest over for supper

- Try something new

- Fishing with dad

- Make tie-dye shirts

- Bike rides

How about you? Any big plans for your summer?


  1. Not sure if my first comment went through.

    Your list is great!!! You will definitely have a great summer. I love little bitties playing in sand and water:)

    We keep adding to our own. I love the idea of having a priest over for dinner this summer:)

  2. How about a visit to Cape Cod on there?? Maybe that will be on next summer's bucket list :)

    My summer includes working and a trip to visit the in-laws. Super fun. ;)


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