Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Smile! Your Children Are Watching

During a recent school day, my youngest student caught me off-guard during a particular difficult teaching moment.

"Mom, keep that smile on your face!", he shouted.

I stopped what I was doing and kept the smile.

He smiled back at me and said, "I think I know why some people have a smile on their face ALL the time...."

He paused.

"It's because they don't have children."

While his little observation initially made me laugh, it's given me something to think about since then.

How often do my children see me smiling? So easily I share my grin with a friend or even a complete stranger out of kindness, but not as often with those I love.

Does my face reveal the contentment and joy that fills me on the inside? Sadly, probably not nearly enough.

This has left me wondering how often my children see me happy and know that I feel blessed to be their mom. Too often I am preoccupied with so many things and tasks and demands of daily living. I think that I easily wear that on my face and forget to crack a smile. Worry and anxiety quickly stomp out the true happiness that fills me on the inside.

My son ought to know that children are the light of the household. Children do bring joy and smiles to life. They are a blessing. MY children are all of those things to me and MY house. As his mom I need to remind him of that and show him, even if by a simple smile.

When I least expect it, my children may be watching and gauging the happiness of our household by the smile or furrowed brow that I display. Let my children never wonder if our family is truly happy or if mom and dad love being their parents. A simple smile on my face should be able to reassure them.

In addition to many hugs and 'I love you', what an easy and simple gift I can afford to give them every day.

'Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.' -Mother Teresa


  1. Isn't it odd what children see? My daughter asked me the other day why I never laugh at daddy, since "he's the funniest man on earth".

    I told her that in my long association with daddy, I've learned that laughing just encourages him.

    She didn't get it.

  2. Wow - what a telling comment from your son! I needed this reminder to infuse a little more joy into my day - thanks.

  3. Lovely post Sarah, and a good reminder. I remember watching an Oprah show (oh the horror!) where she had specialists on describing how the way you greet your child in the morning really sets their mood for the whole day. If you show that you are happy and excited to see them, they feel treasured and loved. I must say it made me feel super guilty that the first grumblings out of my mouth was usually "It's too early. Go play quietly". After that show, I really noticed my behavior and try to smile and greet them nicely when I first see them. Of course, I'm only human :)

  4. So true and what a wonderful reminder. That will be my objective for the day tomorrow...smile more. I do have so much to be joyful about!


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