Monday, November 21, 2011

Partly To Mostly Foggy

I was very relieved when I read Patty's post last week and found that I was not alone.

I thought perhaps I was losing my mind or that it was just MY connectors that were a little less than, well...connected. Good grief! Several times a hour day I find myself questioning some of the most obvious things or forgetting the most basic of tasks.

Is this normal? As the pregnancies add up, does my IQ and brain wave frequency decrease? Or maybe it's the close proximity of pregnancies this time around.

Restless/interrupted sleep?(Gianna still doesn't sleep through the night)

Well, I've been blaming 'pregnancy brain' in hopes that it was a good enough excuse.

It's some of the smallest details, but really things that are so every day and basic that I don't feel like I should have to think so hard about. It's peculiar though how often there is the missed connection somewhere that keeps causing the brain fog.

I'm hoping this will all come to an end soon, but if sleep deprivation is the main culprit then we might as well count on this continuing for at least another year.

Thankfully, my children aren't old enough to admit me to the Funny Farm yet. Although, maybe hubby is about ready to. Doubt it. He'll probably keep me either way.

PS..When I wasn't busy losing my marbles yesterday, I took a Sunday Snapshot. It's a small glimpse into my world at a certain point on a Sunday. Go check out Snapshots from a Sunday to see what others were up to yesterday.


  1. It's been sometime since I was last pregnant this far along...hard to remember exactly if I ever suffered from these brain putzes...kind of funny since we are talking about memory loss in pregnancy. I do know that if I did suffer from this brain deficiency in previous pregnancies I know it wasn't to this degree. You can say sleep deprived, I can say age! LOL. And my reason then will only worsen (with age!). I'm saying it is strictly Prego hormones. :-)

  2. It's because us mamas multi task so much, it's brain overload, that's what I think anyway!

  3. Yes, dear, this is normal! I never knew I had ADD until I had children. Worse with every one. I can hardly follow a recipe if anyone under the age of 7 is in the kitchen.

  4. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! What a blessing that you are no longer suffering secondary IF. God is good! God bless and I look forward to reading more about you too!

  5. I'm working on baby #7 who is due in February and I can honestly say that my brain has not went back to "normal" since this whole pregnancy/child rearing thing began. I do think, though, that mothers have a whole new "normal" and God reassigns our brain power for mothering skills - hearing baby wake in the middle of the night, heightened sense of smell to detect dirty diapers, more alert to the emotional well being of siblings...and so many more that I'm, uh, forgetting at this time! :-)

    God will give you what you need to get through. Just trust in Him and enjoy the ride!


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