Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just Write: A Day Late

I love this idea! And, since my blog posts are lacking and just faint whispers in my head, today this seems ideal.

I've got ten minutes before lunch....and....GO!

My 'big kids' (that's what we're calling my two older kids these days) are watching HUB. One of the couple measly channels we get after we put our DISH network on suspend for a bit. It was an effort to reduce tv watching, but also cut down the budget. We opted for getting a local guy to come and amp up our outside tv antenna so that some channels are available to us on regular tv. We also got a Roku that allows for instant watching/tv shows that we can't get via the antenna.

Anyone confused yet? Bottom line: we are saving money and enjoying the freedom of less tube time. The drawback will be missing all of the Hallmark and ABC Family Christmas specials.Oh well.

Gianna weighs around 20 lbs. and has gotten to be too much to carry in the infant car seat. Growing 8 month old + growing mama belly = time for a new car seat. Although the infant car seat will again be filled come February, putting it away for a time still makes me tear up just a bit. Our time with Gianna so far has flown by and my heart is so full. I almost cannot imagine what life was like before we were a family of five. I know that something was missing and God definitely filled that void. Now, it will be times two in just a year.

A doctor visit and a slew of labs left me with mostly good news. Twenty eight weeks tomorrow and right now my weight gain is five pounds shy of this point last year with Gianna. That makes me feel good, mostly because I know that getting the weight off later may be more difficult. I'm thinking though that if ever there was a time to go for the gold and gain weight, now would be it. Not willing to take that plunge though. Is that wrong? The weighty issue kind of gets me thinking lately. My other labs revealed no gestational diabetes, my thyroid is normal and completely being off my meds. for the last month is just fine and lastly, my progesterone number rose rather than fell this week. The relief to be off thyroid meds. is wonderful. Still on progesterone shots, but feeling more ok with it this week. It certainly can't be much longer now, one way or another.

My kids are now fighting over playing in the basement and some disgruntled argument ensues. It goes like this-on again, off again, bittersweet sibling stuff.

Although random in post writing this is, it's me writing. These are the things that flutter back and forth, back and forth in my head these days as the clock hands fly around and around.

The timer is sounding and children's tummies are calling.

Thanks for joining me in Just Write. It's random and not perfectly written, but that's the point. Other Just Write posts are linked over at The extraordinary ordinary.


  1. Like this idea! A lot! Glad to hear your thyroid test was that good! No medicine? Wow! I'm holding steady at a dosage of .175

    Not much longer. This time is going to really fly by you know. Advent is such a beautiful time to be expecting.

    God bless!

  2. Wow! I'm impressed that you were able to write all that in ten minutes! Glad your pregnancy is going well. I'm a fellow just writer and homeschooling mother of three. Nice to "meet" you.


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