Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby Love

For Colleen and anyone else who enjoys baby bump photos.

Baby Gem and I today, at 26 weeks:

Now, before you all leave comments on how small the bump is or that you can't see it, etc. (because I know you all too well), keep in mind that Lily took the photo and it's not zoomed. Also, the light pink shirt is forgiving. I did do my best to show the belly, but I could only turn in so many different angles and have m little photographer take so many shots. I'll do my best to wear something tighter and unforgiving next time.

This was one of my first baby belly shots this time around. I just keep forgetting! I suddenly realized last week that I haven't been nearly as vigilant with the photos with this pregnancy. Trust me, we are growing bigger and thriving as the weeks keep flying by. Eager for the end, but also firmly grasping each day and moment as Gianna keeps sailing through her first year.

Speaking of my little eight month old, I had my photographer snap this photo with my out-of-womb baby:

Baby love, all around.


  1. Sarah!!! You look absolutely glowing and gorgeous!!! Your little photographer did a mighty fine job:)

    I took my first one just last month so don't feel bad. My little reminded me (I had forgotten) that I need another one today. Glad I have their brains to keep me on my toes!

  2. You look beautiful!!!

    I'm trying to hold myself back from saying any of those things you mentioned.

  3. Oh man, you know me too well!! I will just say you look BEAUTIFUL and pregnancy suits you so well :)

  4. Your are radiant, dear lady! Postively glowing. :-)
    Kudos to your photographer!!

    And your little out-of-womb baby looks so pleased to be included in the photo... (so stinkin' cute!)

  5. All I can say is, you wear it well! I'm two weeks behind you and my hubby was commenting tonight that he just couldn't believe that there was only one baby in there! Guess that's what number 7 does to a body, huh? :-)

  6. You look wonderful--I love the pink shirt! And what a blessing to have two growing babies! Gianna is adorable and I'm sure Gem is too!


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