Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Daybook

For Today...8.2.2011

Outside My Window...another storm is passing through with plenty of wind, thunder and lightning. And of course, more rain.

I Am Thinking...about new babies that are arriving both for friends IRL and online. Colleen added handsome Alexander Blaise to her household last week, have you seen him yet?

I Am Thankful For...our home and yard being spared any major damage during these storms and hard rains we've been having lately.

I Am Reading...nothing at the moment, but I'm waiting for a book to become available from the library. I did just finish Summerhill Secrets Vol.1 by Beverly Lewis over the weekend.

I Am Creating...lesson plans in my head for the upcoming school year and many ideas for the coming months. Now I need to start putting forth some energy in acting upon them.

Around The House...boxes of school books are arriving and I'm waiting on one last one yet. Maybe then I'll get in the right groove and ready to start those lesson plans.

From The Schoolroom...cobwebs, dead ladybugs, dust and piles of last year's school books. It needs a major clean and re-organizing SOON.

From The Kitchen...we had fresh blueberry pie over the weekend and finished it last night. I think we'll need to bake the new Betty Crocker FUN da-middles I bought last week.

For The Rest of the Week...not a whole lot, thankfully. A nice light week on tap for us here after plenty of busy-ness last week.

One of My Favorite Things...a Sunday afternoon at the beach with friends, some boating/tubing for the kids and a supper cookout. It was a perfect ending to the weekend.

Picture Thought I am Sharing...my precious sleeping baby. Makes me melt every time.

Thanks again to The Simple Woman's Daybook for hosting.


  1. Oh, look at that sweet baby love!!

    I just ordered everything Sunday, 2 places have shipped, waiting for Seton to ship.....now we wait, those books are so exciting to get!!! They cost so much and when they come, I'm always like, "wow, we didn't get much!" They always look smaller in person!!

    Our school room has become Angela's play room this summer, it's a mess too. I need a day to clean the school room and the toy room, everything is all mixed up and messy!!

    We are hoping to bake zucchini bread and chocolate zucchini cake today!

  2. Baby is sooo beautiful and precious, gets me excited. You all look fantastic and so full of joy! I am just starting the new school process; ugh, it makes me nausious. I think this might be another survival year. I am hoping God fills in all the gaps since it feels like there are a lot of survivl years; maybe He is trying to tell me this is actually normal and just us.Oh, yes I made the cakes; bit off alot this time. God bless you and your cobwebs.

  3. She's really, really pretty!


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