Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Boy Wonders

The other day I overheard my son out of the blue talking to my husband about babies.

"Dad, I guess when my wife has babies I'll finally find out where babies come out. You know because you go with mommy to the hospital when she has us. So, when my wife goes to the hospital I'll finally know the answer."

Deep down, I think my husband breathed a sigh of relief that our son hadn't asked any questions and just figured out his own answer this time around.

Who cares if he's 25 before he finds his answer? He's fine with waiting.


Yesterday, while driving in the van with my boy and my baby, we were chatting about seating arrangements in the van. I reminded him that when the new baby arrives, he or she will be in the first row with Gianna.

He excitedly asked, 'Then Lily will be in the back with me ALL the time?'

'Yup, all the time. That way the little ones will be closer to me up front.'

He then questioned, 'But when we have another baby what are we going to drive? We won't all fit in here.'

I replied with my new answer (because I've been looking in to this sort of thing), 'Ooohhh....then mommy can get a Swagger Wagon.'

He stopped and thought. Then randomly, 'How old are you?'

I told him and he thought some more.

And then, 'That's A LOT of years before you're forty! You'll still have a lot of chances to have more kids!'

Once again a new pregnancy has brought about a new batch of childhood questions and wonders. It's so fun to hear how their minds work.

And apparently a reference I made once to women being childbearing until age forty has made an indelible mark in my children's memories and they think it's a magical cut-off point.


  1. When I was pregnant with my first, I was doing daycare in my home. The kiddos started talking and asking me how the baby would come out...I started to panic, like "what am I going to say?" Then one little girl spoke up and said "Guys, silly, the doctor will cut the baby out"

    It sufficed them and she was right. I've had c-sections for all mine!!

    You might want to show you sweet Jonah me, that I'm almost 42 and that might mean you could even have a lot more babies!!!

  2. or me --- our "Crash" was born when I was ALMOST 45!!! (Yikes! Now how many more kids could you potentially have, Sarah??!!) LOL

    Don't you just love the answers they can come up with all on their own?

    In our van, with two littles within a year, I had the older infant in the last seat with my older boys, and the newborn in the middle seat with the oldest daughter... easier for me to drive, knowing someone was handy at all times. (Isn't it wonderful having to arrange seating in the vehicles - who would've thought?! God is so good!)

  3. Oh man, our swagger wagon would be Honda Odyssey...instead we have "The Beast" - which I've driven only once :)

    And yeah, my mom had my sister when she was one month shy of 44 - so you need to up those age restrictions :)

    I love that he's willing to wait to find out the answer of how babies come out. I finally had to tell my kids that "Mom has a special hole for babies" which sounded grosser coming out that I had intended. But at least they have an answer and have stopped asking me!

  4. ha ha. I'll be one month shy of 43! What funny things the children say :)

    We've had the van talk / seat arrangement talk as well.


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