Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's The Little Things

My latest indulgences:

Now before you comment letting me know the dangers of both of these carbonated soda beverages, realize that I know that a pregnant woman probably shouldn't give in to such indulgences. Also, rest assured that I only have either of these once or MAYBE twice a week. I get one or the other in me and it sustains my need craving until the next time I see a refreshing bottle at the checkout counter or their logo on a pop machine somewhere.

Sometimes a girl just can't resist!

But sometimes the little things that make life a little sweeter don't come in the form of treats and beverages.

Sometimes they come via a simple download on the computer.

Another little thing adding to my giddiness this past week has been Homeschool Tracker. I went with the FREE basic edition since it suits my current needs and it's perfect. I almost have all the lesson plans finished up until February, which is as far out as I'm planning for now. We'll see how well I like it and how it works out once school actually begins, but I think it will be quite beneficial for this obsessively organized geek chic homeschooling mom.


  1. It's funny, this baby has completely broken my habit of Diet Coke!! Once in a while, if we go out to eat, I'll get a Diet Coke...but then regret it, as I can't finish it.

    Hoping that stays after he/she's born!!

    According to my doctor, once/day is totally fine to have these indulgences, but I really wanted to break the habit. I think that caffine can add high blood pressure.

    Indulge, it's not that bad.

    Suzie, from Shepherding My Sheep uses Homeschool Tracker and loves it.

  2. Ever since my miscarriage last winter, I am paranoid about caffeine...but occasionally give in. Cherry Coke is my big indulgence too! That stuff is soooo yummy!

    I hope you're able to get outside and enjoy this beautiful MN day! :-)

  3. Ummmm yeah, I'd be lying if I said I avoided soda during my pregnancy. I had it horrible too since I love Mt. Dew which has caffeine. I had it a couple times a week, I just couldn't help it! Also loved donuts and all those other bad for you things. I don't think I ever craved a single healthy thing!

    I say don't sweat it ;)

  4. Have to say that whenever I was pregnant, including this one, I eventually go back to the diet coke. There is something about the bubbles that settles my stomach. And there is the old coke medication that pharmacists use to give out to settle nausea.

    Once I start feeling better, I can move away from it. It really gets me through the total vomit stage!

  5. HOLY CRAP!! Where have I been? I just figured out you are pregnant!!!!!! I guess having a baby put me a little behind reading all the posts - and I completely missed it!

    CONGRATULATIONS! I am sooooooo happy for you and your family of soon-to-be-six! Wow, you go from infertile to fertile in a flash! God is good! I hope you're feeling ok :)


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