Friday, August 5, 2011

Online Curriculum Blog Hop!

I'm finally jumping in on Shower of Roses Curriculum Blog Hop (great idea, Jessica!) in hopes to get rid of a few excess items around the school room.

These items all come from a pet-free, smoke-free home and are in excellent condition. Most all of them have barely been cracked open and are just taking up space on the shelves. Hopefully you'll find something you can use or pass on to a friend.

Shipping costs will be $3.50 for 1-2 items and $5.oo for 3-6 items to cover the cost of packaging and Media Rate shipping inside the United States.

Feel free to email me (see sidebar) with any questions. Or just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to see these books get put to better use by another family and to clear my shelves for the new curriculum for the year.

* The Usborne First Book of Art (including projects); spiral bound; Asking $10

* Lessons in Responsibility for Boys & Lessons in Responsibility for Girls; Asking $9 eachSOLD!


* Christian Crafts book for Preschool-Kindergarten (Bible story simple crafts); Asking $3

* Seton Pre-Kindergarten Activities Book; Asking $3SOLD!

* Character Education Workbooks for Kindergarten (Cooperation, Honesty, Respect(2); Asking $1 eachSOLD!

* Who Am I? Teacher's Manual for Preschool/Kindergarten (Image of God series); Asking $6

* My Fun With Words (A-K and L-Z hardcover dictionaries); Asking $18 for both


* My Word Book, My Color Book, My Shape Book & My Number Book; hardcover, brand new; encourage your child to read and recognize words both in English and Spanish; Asking $10 each or $35 for all four


* The Mass Book for Children & Little Acts of Grace; Asking $1 eachSOLD!

* Leading the Little Ones to Mary; Asking $1 SOLD!

Be sure and check out other great curriculum deals while they last over at the Online Curriculum Blog Hop!


  1. It's fun to see what people get rid of....My teacher's manual for Who am I is all written over and full of papers and sticky notes....could never sell it!! I'm planning on using it again this year for Kindergarten for Angela!

    We use that Little Acts of Grace book for Mass every week, the girls love looking for the mice in each picture!

    Good luck selling!!
    Maybe that will help you sell those 2 books?

  2. Sarah, I will take Leading Little ones to Mary, Little Acts of Grace and Mass Book For Children. I will walk over and get need to ship! $3 correct? Thanks! Sue

  3. Hello Sarah! I would like to buy the Seton Pre-K Activities book.


  4. I have so many books that I bought that just sit here; you know those "high hopes" type books that fade away into the book shelves when reality hits. Maybe I could advertise here since you have other homeschoolers who read your blog, or you could send them my way, and I will post a sale.


You're so kind for dropping me a line!

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