Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Is For Adventure

We are having a couple days reprieve from the heat and boy am I grateful. Seriously, that is NOT my kind of weather and it was wearing on me. Throw in a teething four month old and it was a recipe for lots of crabbiness all around.

Thankfully we all start each day anew and hopefully refreshed.

The breeze and sunshine gently beckoned us outdoors for the entire afternoon yesterday. That was just enough to get my kids' imaginations going again and with a little help from branches, sticks and lots of mosquito repellent, they returned to their beloved spot, the enchanted forest. Due to the mosquito invasion they endure, it's not often in the summer that they can go to that small grove of trees next to the driveway, but when they can it is where their ideas soar.

Yesterday they were building their habitat (that's what they kept calling it) and were Native Americans trying to survive. They rigged up their 'pot' over the 'fire' and filled it with fresh rhubarb (see photo of Jonah above)to cook. They also used the big rhubarb stems and leaves to make their place to sleep. They acquired more branches and made a 'trap' for intruders and as a way to disguise their habitat.

What a blessing to have a sibling to enjoy a lazy summer day alongside of you. What a blessing to be at home with my children and watch them play and imagine endlessly.

These are the days that go on file in my Mommy brain. These are the days I'll miss one day. These are the days that my children will reminisce about when they are older. These are the days to treasure.

There's nothing quite like getting grubby, dirty and making memories.


  1. Amen to childhood imaginations! I use to pick wild rhubarb in my mother's backyard. She still makes THE BEST rhubarb custard pie. Yummy! I miss it :)

  2. I also enjoy the imaginative play of my three youngest -- now 11, 10 and 4. They are out in "the forest" daily.
    I am so thankful for our homeschooling lifestyle and for living way out in the country... where their innocence is still in tact and thriving.
    God is so good, and blesses us abundantly.


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