Friday, July 8, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

This is my first time to {pretty, happy, funny, real} and I couldn't wait to finally join in!


My gardens around the yard are almost at their peak and full of blooms. They have taken nine years to cultivate and grow, but now I am able to enjoy them from my window. It's the beauty that I envisioned for our yard so long ago when we built our house and I love it!


Rarely captured in a photo together, my boy and my baby.


Isn't that new crop of fuzz on Gianna just cute? The light hit it perfectly and highlighted its static growth.

Bubbles, she's got lots of 'em! Never have we had a more bubble-icious baby. This one was caught by one of my resident junior photographers.


How could I have forgotten this stage? Teething is in full force and if she can grab it, Gianna's got it in her mouth (including the Stewardship bulletin insert). We have to be careful now though because her first little toofer is sharp and poking out already. Yikes!

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round button chicken


  1. beautiful gardens, Sarah! and that fuzz...I just want to run my hand over it :)

  2. Oh, look at that sweet baby!!!! I just want to give her kisses!!!

  3. Love Gianna's funny!!!

  4. Tell Gianna to stop growing up so much! She's a total babe :)


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