Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Simply Irresistible

If kisses could earn this girl money toward her college education, she'd be filling out applications next week.

We just can't get enough of those cheeks and the overwhelming love we have for her.

Too bad she couldn't get a full ride 'Most Kissable' scholarship. She'd definitely be over-qualified.

**I realize I'm completely biased and there are seriously a ton of other worthy contendors out there. Here's to our beautiful babies!!


  1. Cheeks and toesies!!

    I always ask Bridget, "Can I eat those toesies?" (they are so little and cute) and she says "Yeah"

    Kiss away, that's what those cheeks and babies are for!!

    I can't pick up a baby without kissing them, it's like auto pilot, automatic, pick them up and kiss them as I'm doing it.

  2. She is definitely a contendor!

  3. Older children love babies so much! What a gift she is to them!

  4. That pic is the cutest thing - EVER! So blessed you are :)


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