Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Favorites

aka 'We've been busy this week and I haven't had time to blog, so here's some photos instead'

Last Friday, the circus

Jonah enjoyed his Sno-Cone most of all

We took a mini vacation Sunday-Tuesday and hit the trails and gardens at an arboretum near our hotel.

Daddy and the kids

Mommy and the girls (photo credit: Jonah)

A round of mini-golf

Content little nap for Gianna at the waterpark

Gianna's first time at the pool

Lots of geocaching this week while on vacation and with friends Tuesday evening

Finally, a bluegrass/christian music concert outdoors last night.

It's summertime here and we are enjoying every day to its fullest!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!


  1. LOVE outdoor concerts! You're lucky; last night we were sweating it out at a soccer game! :)

  2. You are having a beautiful summer so far! Tell Jonah, his picture taking is superb! Gianna's bathing suit is just too cute. Enjoy these will start up again before we know it :)

  3. I feel like all I can do is post a few pictures here and there...because we are enjoying our summer so much! That's a good thing. Give sweet Gianna a kiss for me :)


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