Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When Christmas Comes

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

I love that the house is decorated, there are plenty of cookies and treats to eat and family time abounds. A couple extra days when hubby can be home with us and we can relax and just 'be'. This year it seemed especially significant that while we awaited the Christ child, we were also embracing our last Christmas as a family of four and eagerly celebrating the upcoming birth of our newest addition. While still several weeks away, it has not been lost on us that baby will be our most precious gift yet.

I thought I'd toss in photos of ways we've been enjoying our Christmas days.

Gingerbread (pre-baked, pre-packaged) House on Christmas Eve

One of my favorite things, celebrating Christmas at church, amidst the poinsettias

Birthday cake for Baby Jesus

Christmas smiles and sibling love

Christmas morning gift opening

All sorts of goodies for me

Full hearts and a happy, healthy family

Any wonder that this is my favorite time of year?

Hopefully your household is still enjoying the days of Christmas and is happy and healthy too!


  1. Adorable pictures!!!

    Love the family one!
    I see your Lily has her nails done, my girls got a nail kit, it's very cute and fun!

    You look sooooo radient!

  2. What a wonderful Christmas you are all having. I enjoyed the sibling hugs and your family picture is so sweet. YOu look great BTW!

  3. Glad to see you had a great Christmas! I bet those two will be great big siblings and will have lots of hugs for the little one too! Gotta love those pre-baked pre-formed gingerbread houses! We did one this year too. You get to do the fun part with the kids without doing the difficult, often frustrating part (I've had gingerbread break after baking it) Looks like they did a great job!


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