Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Minute Gift!

Simple and Easy? CHECK.

Inexpensive and Fun? CHECK.

Kid-friendly? CHECK.

I've done gift mixes in the past and always enjoy giving them. The recipient even loves them too! I prepared these the other day within minutes. I happened to have the extra jars to swing it and used those this time. In the past I've even sewn up some super-beginner type gift bags for each mix in inexpensive Christmas fabric or scrap fabric I had at home. Be creative!

All finished up, including the tags with instructions:

Would you like to give it a try? Here are the recipes I used:

Apple Crisp Mix

Cinnamon Pancake Mix

M&M Cookie Mix

Friendship Brownie Mix

I found a whole sleigh full of jar mix recipes at Recipe Goldmine that would be fun to try!


  1. So cute! Being a displaced South Louisianian living a new life Arkansas, I gave all my neighbors and friends at church RAW CANE SUGAR! Taken right from the sugarmill on our last trip home for Thanksgiving. I placed them in mason jars with cute material and added recipes that utilize cane sugar. Simple, cheap, easy, and appreciated!

  2. Wonderful recipe suggestions!!! I really liked the comment that Lauren left. That was unique, too, and very thoughtful.


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