Friday, December 3, 2010

Mommy Matters: Diapers

Today I'm wondering about all things DIAPERS!!

In the past we've used disposables all the way and never questioned further. While not a fan of pricey designs, styles and brands, we always opted for something inexpensive from Target or Walmart. I mean, c'mon, these things hold bodily fluids from priceless little people, but really I'm not crazy enough to spend a fortune!!

As we progressed into quite a number of years without diaper wearers at our house, we're now preparing to be thrown back into full-on diapering routines again. While contemplating and waiting for this baby over the years, we've heard and read about gDiapers, FuzziBunz, Bum Genius and the like. We really thought that was the route we'd go when a baby arrived again. It seemed like a lot of work, but expense-wise even with the initial sticker shock prices we'd still come out way ahead.

BUT, now we're sitting almost 10 weeks away from EDD and we're still undecided. We've gone back and forth in this area. In fact, I've already starting stocking up on the disposables. But, that's also because I've heard that either way, disposables are the way to go in the beginning because the reusable, washable, eco-friendly types are just plain difficult to get to fit just right on those newborns.

It's crunch time ladies and we've got a decision to make!!

I'm looking for pros and cons and any input on the eco-friendly types. I'm looking for deals. I need to know how you save on disposables. Where do you find great prices or coupons? I'll take any and all of your suggestions you're willing to pass on.

I know there are a bunch of you frugal, moms of many out there who have done your homework. Would you mind sharing your tips?


  1. It is absolutely terrible what they charge.

    The other day, hubs and I were out somewhere...happened upon diapers (not looking for them either) and saw the price of Pampers. Really?!

    I know when we had our last girl, 7 years ago, we had switched to the Walmart brand and were very, very, happy with their hold up. The price was half of Pampers.

    I never used cloth. Not sure what I'd say to them.

    You could always give them a whirl and switch back to disposable?

  2. I've been changing diapers for 10 years now, with only a 2 month break right before Bridget was born.

    We do disposable always. I don't need the extra stess of any different kind. I've always found that the generic Wal-mart or Sam's Club diapers are the most absorbant and don't leak as I've found those more expensive brand name ones have.

    I have just grown used to that fact that we pay about $10 every 2 weeks on diapers. That's not that bad is it?

    We switched this past summer to the Sam's Club ones and they are actually $2 more but they last soooooo much longer. I only buy once a month and it overlaps and don't have to buy til 6 weeks sometimes.

    That's my disposable opinion!

  3. I cloth diapered our first three with Kissaluvs when then were tiny, then Mother-Ease when they were bigger. I used disposable on the go.

    Our fourth hated the feel the wetness and I was tired of running upstairs for diaper changes (where I had the whole set-up) while trying to homeschool the first three. Also, after I started having to do a load of regular laundry every day it really tied up the washer to have diapers soaking. I liked to wash them twice after soaking too.

    We gave all our cloth diapers to my SIL and are now full-time with Pampers. I get them from - the price is pretty good, the shipping is free and very fast (like two days) and I get a case that lasts a month or more.

    I kind of miss the cloth, especially my wipe recipe and cloth wipes, but disposable is much easier. Cloth is worth it if you think you have the extra time and energy.

  4. We've always been disposable full-time. I had a many a friend that have done the cloth (and some of them are waaay cute) but it seems that for a reason or another they end up switching to disposable. Wash time, effort, etc. Some have had issues with acid? buildup with washing in their HE washers and so on. So, I think there is value there but it might take trial-n-error to figure out the ones that work for you.

    As for disposable, we are name brand only. The generic (walmart, etc) are cheap but I find that they leak overnight and they bother my kiddo's skin. But you've gone the generic route before w/ no prob so that doesn't seem to be an issue for you. I have been getting my diapers from amazon (they have the amazon mom program which gives prime shipping and 15% off, then if you do subscribe and save you get another 15% off) which ends up being cheaper than I can buy them at Sam's and about the price I can get them on sale w/coupons.

    I think diapers are one of those--every family is different kinds of things!

  5. Okay, so I'm really not going to help your decision as I offer a completely different opinion. :) Hehehe...

    We have done cloth from the get-go (Fuzzi Bunz), and Squeaks is now wearing the same ones that Squiggs wore. Squiggs wore the Medium size from six months until she was trained, which was nice. We have loved them. There are some tricks to them though.

    I think they're easier to use in the summer, as drying them outside in the sun kills any lingering bacteria. Now I just wash them and let them dry overnight, which is working well. I do so much laundry anyways, that I've found that one more load every few days isn't a big deal.

    With that said, we've used disposables at night for both kids because they've both been super soakers, especially Squeaks. Even with doubling up the inserts on the FB, they would still soak through. So, we just use disposables then, which still saves a ton on cost. We've definitely gotten our money's worth with the two kiddos.

    We also use disposables when we travel, as we use Charlie's laundry soap for the diapers (and the rest of our laundry- it's actually really cheap if you get it in bulk, plus my kids have skin sensitivity/eczema issues, so it works well), and people we stay with usually don't, obviously. :) I've been somewhat nutty about taking care of them and following directions to a t, so I think that is part of why they're still working so well for us. Good luck, Sarah! LOVE the new pic of you all!

    PS- Sorry for my lack of commentage lately...I haven't had time to have my reader open for more than three minutes without needing to pull Squeaks off a table or some other minor catastrophe. :) Hope you and baby are well!

  6. Another idea, if you decide to go the disposable route-

    I'm not sure if anyone is having a shower for you or if it would be tacky to suggest this to the host (I would totally not think so if someone suggested it to me, but I am not easily offended :)), but we had a "diaper raffle" when we had my SIL's shower. If people brought a package of diapers, they were entered into a raffle for a Target gift card. My brother and SIL literally did not have to buy diapers for the first year, maybe a bit longer. So, that's an idea, too! :)

  7. Luvs. Always :)

    but my little ones are with family sometimes while I work so there's no way I would make them use cloth diapers.

  8. I use both. The cloth is cheaper, but more work. The disposable is easier, but more costly and I hate having to throw stuff away. I do have a diaper sprayer so that cuts on the hands-on messiness, but it still takes more time though the cloth diaper options are amazing. I've been using disposable the last few days, since the holidays are coming and life has been super hectic, but once they are over and for sure once the 2 year old is totally potty trained and I will only have 1 in diapers, then I'll go back to cloth full-time (except traveling and maybe nightime). I don't think that really answers your question, but oh, well. Oh - but you should know that cloth diapering means you should have additive-free detergent and not use fabric softener sheets - even on other clothes - as it "coats" fabric and makes all fabric less absorbent - great for drying time but not for cloth diapers that you WANT to be absorbent. That might be the clincher for you as I know some people just can't stand to be without fabric softener.

  9. We're going to be using cloth.

    We're on a budget, and I am always home, so the washing and changing won't be an issue for us.

    As with some of the other cding mamas, we'll probably use disposables if we're traveling or if someone else is watching the little one.

    But Steve is totally on board with cloth, so it made it easy for me. I love the cute prints. And, I'm finding some great deals on where you can buy used.

    One other reason I'm really for cloth, is that myself I can't stand the feeling of pads during my period, so there are times I use cloth pads. I can't imagine being a baby stuck next to the plastic and chemicals 24/7. So I just imagine cloth is more comfortable since it is for me.

  10. What a friend of mine does is to buy disposables on Amazon... she gets a mom's club discount of some kind and a discount from having them shipped to her automatically. And if you subscribe to prime (which is about $50 a year, I think), shipping is free... likely would be worthwhile when buying so many diapers. I think she gets Huggies, which has always been my personal brand of choice. She has lots of cloth diapers (and five kids), and chooses to use disposables over cloth because she gets good disposables cheap this way.


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