Thursday, December 9, 2010

Baby Blessing: 30 Weeks

We're 3/4 of the way there!! Woo-hoo!

Goodness, I can't tell you what a relief that is. Every week that passes really is a reminder what a blessing this little one is already and will continue to become.

I'm now having doctor appointments every other week, so it's another reminder that the time is coming closer. Yikes. At my appointment on Monday, everything was looking really well. No new major developments really. My weight gain is right on track and I haven't had any other pregnancy related issues that are abnormal. Just the usual stuff. I am measuring just a little less than the 30 weeks that I am, so we will see at the next appointment if Dr. K will schedule another ultrasound to check baby's size and fluid, etc. I told him he wouldn't have to twist my arm for another chance to see baby before he/she arrives.

I am keeping up with twice weekly progesterone shots and counting down the number of times that I'll have to keep them up. Looks like I just can't get them quite high enough to kick my needle habit :) No really, I'm not addicted, they are essential for me. So far we've been through roughly fifty of them during this pregnancy and just have about another dozen left if I do have to carry them out through 36 weeks. We're in the homestretch now.

We are finding ourselves in the midst of cold temps. here and steady days with school, baking and resting for mommy. Grateful for the Advent season to keep us mindful of the birth of Christ we await and to also just 'be' as a family. Just being at home as many days as we can is so relaxing and peaceful.

The kids are still debating baby's gender, but I think both are resigning to accept whatever God has already planned. Although, the other day Lily did say "you better just let the baby be a boy since that's what Jonah wants. Otherwise, he's gonna have a fit if he doesn't get his way." Again, a prompt reminder from me told her that whatever gender God created is already done and it is what He sees best for our family right now. We'll see how that all works out.

Lily still is enjoying patting/rubbing my belly and feeling the wonders of the baby's movement. She seems to always be amazed when I have her touch the belly when baby is right up against it and a whole section is hard. She usually responds wide-eyed "oh my gosh!".

Jonah is fulfilling Big Brother roles already and as often as he remembers most days, he helps mommy and baby. He especially likes to bring me a glass of water in the evening when I'm resting on the couch and make sure we're comfortable. He still calls me 'pregnict', which is absolutely endearing. If I let out a gasp in quick, unexpected pain from the baby, Jonah is sure to hear it and respond from the other room with an "are you okay mom?". Quite the little man.

Baby is keeping me guessing and I don't know that I have any strong inclinations on gender. Many things in this pregnancy seem similar to Lily's, but I just can't be sure. Time will tell I guess. That's part of the fun with waiting on finding out until baby arrives and it adds even more excitement to all of that work of labor and delivery!

Here's my latest pregnancy photos for this week. See? I'm looking pregnant and rounded and I'm gaining weight, despite what you may have thought earlier! Not too bad.

**Note: Please pardon that these are not exactly my favorite photos. We were rushing out the door for church and I had Lily take these as long as I was somewhat 'dressed up' more than normal. My hair is leaving me wondering these days, so it's pulled back most often. Maybe not my best look??!! You get the point. Hope you enjoyed them any way!


  1. You look amazing for 30 weeks! You are still so tiny! I am NOT tiny at 38 weeks ... which is why you may not get one more belly pic from me ;-)

    Hope that everything will continue to go well for you and Baby!

  2. Oh, you take that disclaimer off the bottom, you look beautiful!!!

    You look as big as I do at 3 months. I'm not kidding. You do have a cute little belly!

    I always measure 2 weeks ahead.

    Your little Jonah, Oh, I just want to keep him, he's the sweetest little guy!!

  3. Pregnant during Advent and BEAUTIFUL! I'm betting, by the way you are carrying, that it is going to be a boy ;)

  4. You are so beautiful and absolutely glowing! You can tell you treasure the gift growing within you with all your heart! I'm so happy for your family that all is well and that you're already at 30 weeks! Wow!

  5. You look gorgeous Sarah! Pregnancy suits you so well :)


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