Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Boyhood Baby Wonders

All things baby seem to be topics of conversation these days and most often in unexpected ways. It's kind of fun to hear how my children perceive pregnancy, labor/delivery and babies. And a lot of times, downright funny.

My little man has occasionally let us inside some of those dear little thoughts going on in his head. So precious that I had to post them so I remember them later.

Recently, he was lamenting how even when the baby is born that we will have no idea of its gender.

Me: Well, of course we'll know baby's gender after he or she is born. Then there will be no more questions.

Him: No, we still won't be able to tell. It might not even have hair. We have to wait to see if it gets long hair and then we'll know if it's a girl and if it doesn't and the hair is like mine, it's a boy.

Me: Um, really? Are you sure about that? Can you think of ANY WAY that we'd know right away after birth if you had a brother or sister?

Him: No....????

Me: (laughing) Can you think of ANY differences that you and your sister have?

Him: No....well, she wears pink sometimes.....that's all....

Me: Are you sure there's no body part that would tell the two of you apart?

Him: (clearly thinking VERY HARD) Hmm. (he's got nothin')

Well, that was interesting. I guess we're more modest in this household than I thought!


He's got my best interests at heart too, because he came up with this one at the table:

Boy: Mom, just so you know, it's gonna hurt A LOT when the baby comes out. They'll pull it out of a hole in your belly and it will hurt but then it will be done. And there. The baby will be here.

Mom: Oh really? You do realize I've done this before and know that it will hurt, don't you? But yet, mommy still wants to do it again so we can have another member in our family. By the way, mommy doesn't have c-sections and they don't make a hole. You've seen my belly. No scars.

(In enters sister in the conversation)

Her: About that...I still haven't figured it out. How does the baby get out??

Mom: You know what, that's a different conversation for a different day.

Thankfully, she was good with that answer. For now.


And lastly:

"Wow! Then there will be THREE children in our family. I can't believe it!! I think I'm going to pass out when there's three of us. It's so surprising!! "

You've got it buddy, we're all just as amazed as you are. It's been a long time coming.


  1. Ahhhh, he's so sweet!

    Now to keep him like that forever!!

  2. Oh my gosh Sarah....that is so hilarious, I am rolling on the floor! On the modesty part, Jonah does NOT take after his godfather! I love it!


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