Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mommy Matters: Pregnancy Workouts

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I chose to start Mommy Matters with a pregnancy related quandary. Now that I'm feeling much better and can begin to contemplate some extent of exercise beyond walking from the kitchen to the couch, I'm wondering about pregnancy workouts.

In past pregnancies I've walked several days each week outdoors and called that good. I've also done a pregnancy workout video regularly during the week. And the fact that I just wrote 'video' and not 'DVD' should pretty much tell you from what era that was produced (read: 1990's).

So, now we're at 2010 with all of its new ideas and options and I'm left stumped. I do now have Wii as an option and I have started hopping on there for some strength exercises as well as about 20 minutes of free-step (step aerobics). I did also slip in that beloved video and while it proved to be a fairly good workout, it was more of an entertainment value and I just couldn't get my mind off of their leggings and leotards (Jillian Michaels they are not, that's for sure).

In searching online and in stores, what I've found is that most of the pregnancy workouts are either Pilates or Yoga. Can I even begin to share with you how much I haven't cared for either in the past??

What have you used? What have you found that was inexpensive and effective? Feel free to leave a comment with pros/cons of a certain workout routine, specific names of DVD's or a link. Thank You!


  1. Well, this covers 2 of my fave topics: pregnancy and exercise!

    I will admit that for 3 of my pregnancies, I only walked. But I walked for about 45 minutes 5 days a week, so it was a good workout. With one of my pregnancies, i had just joined a gym and used the elliptical for 45 minutes about 4 days a week. I wanted to run because I had been doing that between pregnancies, but my belly gets SO big SO fast that the elliptical was much more comfortable and safe.

    I think for my next pregnancy (God Willing) I will just continue my current exercise routine: aerobic classes and running, except I will replace the running with the elliptical. I have seen plenty of pregnant ladies at the gym do aerobic classes right up until their last few weeks, they just tone it down a bit.

    Listen to your body, and remember that pregnancy is not a disease, it's a natural thing, and we should be able to live as normally as possible. Just drink lots of water and be safe :)

  2. Walking sounds good. How is your over healthy while you are pregnant? Are there any health concerns that you should fit into your routine? I always read that you shouldn't start some big, new routine if you weren't doing it prior to becoming pregnant. Had to laugh at the video comment. That is what I used...a video routine. LOL

  3. Hi Sarah - I responded to your meme about prayer on my blog. Thanks for tagging me! It is a beautiful thing to keep at the forefront - prayer. God Bless you and good luck with the exercise questions.


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