Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby Blessing: 15 Weeks

You wanted to see it...here it is! Me and baby at 15 weeks.

I had my second check-up yesterday afternoon and all is looking very well. So thankful I am! I'd gotten to hear sweet baby's heartbeat at my last appointment, but hubby and the kids weren't able to be there. But yesterday, all four of us were at my appointment and got to hear the whoosh, whoosh sound. The kids were able to catch it and hear it, but seemed not so impressed. Lily was more impressed with the fact that my doctor could actually legally practice medicine. She thought for sure he was 'like 24 or something.' (Rest assured, he's in his early 30's the same as I am) Jonah, well he seems indifferent to the whole baby idea in general. I guess it's a boy thing.

Baby came in loud and clear beating in the 160's so we could hear him/her. Everything else is pretty normal and looking good. I'll be keeping on my progesterone shots a few more weeks yet just to be sure my levels stay where they need to be, so I'll also keep up with my weekly lab appointments as well. Although I'm not keen on the shots, I'd rather keep on them and keep my levels safe for baby.

Otherwise, in baby related news, we're doing just fine. I've gained enough weight and my belly is rounded enough to remind me that yes, indeed I carry around a miracle and am pregnant. Lily seems to especially enjoy patting my belly and hugging baby. She also seems to get a kick out of my rounding belly and is sure to mention it quite frequently. Boy is she in for a whole lot of fun when this belly gets even bigger! Jonah seems okay with the idea of a baby in our house, although he mentions it less often. He will catch me unexpectedly though and make a random baby related comment every so often just to let me know that he does realize that changes are a comin'. Jonah's favorite names for baby are 'Charlie' or 'Grace', so he sometimes refers to baby as such. I hope his heart won't break when we don't use either of those names. Almost every night the kids tell baby good night and give my belly a kiss. This baby certainly is loved a ton already! I can't imagine all of the kisses and holding he/she is going to get after they arrive.


  1. You call that a baby bump? ;)

    I wish I had a picture of me at 15 weeks pregnant and already hugely obvious and in maternity clothes. You are looking lovely, my dear!

    And I really like the names Jonah picked out. But Colleen would be swell for a girl. Yes, Lily, Jonah, and Baby Colleen :)

  2. Yeah! That is good news. Little boys are always indifferent to ideas unless it is dinos, Star Wars, trains, etc....

  3. You look great, Sarah! Still tiny, which is nice while it lasts. You know, until you "pop." =) It is great to hear that everything is going well with Baby. Yay!

  4. You are sooo cute! So glad things are going well! Praying for you!!!

  5. You look sooooo beautiful!

    You've got that glow.

  6. I see it, I see it, your baby bump, that is!!! Not that you don't always look great, but you are really "glowing" in this picture! Keep posting pics. and I'll hopefully see you often enough to keep an eye on that bump! ha! ;) ~Michelle H.

  7. Beautiful! Can't wait to see that belly grow!

  8. What a beautiful little bump, Sarah!! So cute, you are!! I agree, you are certainly glowing. And praise God for a smooth 2nd appointment. Glad to hear all is well with the prog. shots as well. You and Baby continue to be in my prayers!! {{HUGS}}

  9. OOOooooohhhhhhh!!!!!! I am SO excited for you!!! I've had very little time for reading blogs this summer and am just now finding out that you are expecting!! Congratulations Sarah! You look BEAUTIFUL!!!


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