Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saucy In The Kitchen

I've shown you here in the past about my little kitchen cannery when the vegetables start coming in from the garden. I know that canning is becoming a lost art, but having grown up with a big garden back home and a family that canned rather than just froze our produce, I still appreciate it.

Yes, yes, it is A LOT of work. And yes, here in the Midwest that produce has a knack for coming in at exactly the hottest weeks at the end of summer. I find though that the payoff come winter is SO worth it. With a stocked canning cupboard our family faces another cold winter and we enjoy grabbing a jar of apple pie filling, applesauce, peaches, tomato soup, picante sauce, V-8 juice or spaghetti sauce.

You know what makes canning even more worth the hard work? The right equipment. The simplest gadget can make the process run so much smoother. A couple of years ago, we purchased a Sauce Master to use for running either tomatoes or apples through for mashing. What a lifesaver! It has been worth the $40 or so we spent on it. A little messy to clean up, but very easy to assemble, mount on your countertop and operate.

Although this information might be useless for most of you, I just had to pass it along in case you could find some use for it besides during canning time or perhaps a friend who may benefit from it. It would even be great for pureeing for making your own baby food too. It literally takes out only the bare minimum in waste and uses every possible part of the fruit/vegetable that is edible.

**Looking for a deal on the Sauce Master and live in the Midwest? Mills Fleet Farm has them on sale for $29.99 this week!!


  1. Oh, THANK YOU! I'm so tired of trying to accomplish the same thing with a blender, strainer and cheesecloth. I've got to run to St. Cloud this week, so I'll be stopping at "the men's mall"!

  2. Wow! I really admire you. I admire people for keeping up with the "lost art" of days back then. I, too, grew up in a canning family. REAL, midwestern sweet corn in the winter...oh my!

    Next year, David wants to start a garden. So, I do appreciate the info on the canning system. I will tuck it away...

  3. I like the idea of canning and am ALMOST brave enough to try it...if I had a lovely old woman to borrow to show me how to do it (and give me pointers on life in general)!! But then I think about my other upcoming projects: potty training the boy, schooling 1st grade at home with the other kids needing attention too, etc.

    BUT I am looking forward to hopefully really truly at least 50% making my own baby food for my littlest one. I'll have to look into the Sauce Master. Thanks for the post!


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