Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Little Getaway

Over the last couple of years we've found that mini family getaways prove to be just enough time for us to fulfill the desire for a new location, sightseeing, restaurant food and hotel time. All we need is two or three days away for the four of us to run around like true vacationers while still only driving within a few hours from home. This way, we can do it a couple of times during the summer, it isn't as big of a chunk of change from the family pocketbook and daddy can make it work for his busy work schedule.

There have been repeat adventures, but sometimes we seek out a new place that is both family and kid-friendly. Last week, we chose a new town that I hadn't been to since my childhood days, Stillwater MN.

I found Teddy Bear Park listed online and that was our first stop for the day before the heat hit. Our kids were thrilled with all the little nooks they found. Definitely a great park to stop and play.

A walk down main street revealed lots of shops and antique hot spots. We just peered inside, without actually going inside those quaint places.

But then, there are other shops that both children and pregnant mamas just cannot avoid. With our eyes wide and our tummies grumbling, we did our best to choose our treats wisely at the candy shop. Which is tough when there are just so.many.choices.

We also had decided that a lunch time Paddle Boat cruise would be a great experience as a family. It proved perfect and we all really enjoyed the two hour ride down the St. Croix River.

Just enough to do and see in the historic and original part of Stillwater that made it the perfect day trip while we stayed overnight in a hotel in St. Paul. It's pretty interesting to spend some time exploring our state's birthplace.

For me, since I was finally feeling a bit more back to normal and not as sick, it proved to be the perfect time to take a little vacation and get away as a family and make some summertime memories.


  1. Glad you're feeling better! That boat ride would have made me sooooo sick, pregnant or not :( And you need to be in some pictures...especially with a growing belly! I'm hoping you get super huge ;)

  2. I *love* Stillwater! One of my favorite towns =)

  3. I've never been there, we'll have to go sometime!!

    That park looks so cool!

  4. I loooovve Stillwater! Thankfully Steve lives right by there so we go often. There's a beach on the St. Croix not too far off from Stillwater that we always go to.

    And that candy store is my favorite! I love the free samples ;)

  5. That candy store would have been the end of me! I'm glad it's a day's drive away! ;)

  6. Stillwater is beautiful! Our friends got married there and had their reception on a riverboat. While we were there, there was a bike race in a circuit up and down that big hill just off the cliff. It was amazing how fast those pro's were able to ride up that steep incline! Glad you and your family had a great time!

  7. I "heart" Stillwater and grew up near there on the WI side. If you get a chance to go again, I would recommend stopping by St. Michael's Catholic Church (up on the hill) they have a beautiful stained glass window of Venerable Solanus Casey, who spent some time in Stillwater. (There have 2 Catholic churches and they are both beautiful. The altar at St. Mary's - about 3 blocks from St. Mike's is fashioned after the altar at the chapel at the Nashville Dominican's convent - very cool!) Oh my, there are so many great things to do there...thanks for the post, it was fun to see it from an tourists point of view.


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