Monday, August 30, 2010

Ready For Art!

Having decided this year that we'd take on the Artistic Pursuits curriculum for both of our little students, I finally sat down with it and realized I needed a number of supplies for my budding artists.

Since we've done art class containing crafts, painting, drawing, etc. from numerous sources in the past, it's down to business this year. I'm looking forward to the lessons for the kids and was delighted when I also saw that Tracy is doing it this year as well. You know, she's artsy and talented and all, so I knew if it was good enough for her it would definitely be good enough for us too.

Although I'm sure I've mentioned it before, in case you've forgotten I live in a geographical oddity beautiful, out of the way landscape that simply does not allow for a quick run to an art supply store. A Google search for 'inexpensive art supplies' led me to Cheap Joe's Art Stuff and I found everything on my list with ease. Hooray! Although shipping was a little spendy, it was very much worth it since it saved me gas, running around and a lot of frustration.

Now I'm just waiting for it to arrive on my doorstep and we'll be all ready for class! Looking forward to seeing what my little Picasso and Monet produce this year.


  1. Don't you just love the internet?!

  2. Super-duper! Can't wait to compare notes on this program. Which book are you doing? We are doing the first one - K-3 elements of art.

    I ordered the book and supplies from Rainbow Resources. They had a list of supplies needed for each volume available through them. I think Dick Blick also has Artistic Pursuits lists. Anyway, glad you have everything! I have heard/read great things about this program!

  3. We're doing the same one too I think, Tracy! I know it's the very first one in the series. Looking forward to a class that I can do with both kids together this year. Hooray!

    I will have to bookmark both of those supply places for future reference. You veteran homeschool mamas are so helpful!! :)


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