Tuesday, April 20, 2010


For Today... 4.20.2010

Outside My Window... more beautiful weather that is absolutely ideal for running around with the kids and doing lots of yard work.

I Am Thinking... about how (relatively) easy and enjoyable Jonah's labor and delivery was and how I'd love to do that again a few times. Of course, I say this looking back at it 5 years later.

I Am Thankful For... time spent on the porch enjoying the beauty around me and my budding perennials poking out of the ground.

I Am Praying... for a safe delivery for Mommy Monkey and her healthy baby girl.

I Am Creating... plans for Jonah's 5th birthday tomorrow, which include a train cake that I will attempt.

Around The House... remnants of Easter decor and a lot less 'stuff' in my basement after getting rid of a whole bunch of it last Saturday at a garage sale. Woo-hoo!

From The Kitchen... no plans yet, besides a lasagna supper for Jonah's birthday guests; lots of simple meals and lunches that can be served picnic style.

From The Schoolroom... right now I'm in survival mode and just working on getting through the final weeks of school.

For The Rest Of The Week... Lily's piano lesson today; Jonah's big birthday tomorrow; tour at a local bakery with our homeschool group and then a comm. ed. course with Lily on Thursday; a model train show to check out on Saturday.

Lyrics In My Head... the same ones as last week. It's helping to build up my hope once again.

One Of My Favorite Things... the little 'date' that Reed and I get to go on every so often when we speak at a Marriage Course. We tend to most often despise the preparation time before it and knowing it's something we have to go and do, but always enjoy the driving time and couple of hours we get to share our story and marriage with young couples.

Picture Thought I Am Sharing...

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  1. Happy Birthday to the big Birthday Boy! Enjoy your day Jonah!! And good luck with the train cake. Please do share pics after!

    Thanks for the prayers...they are very much appreciated:)

    Doesn't it feel wonderful to purge and get rid of 'stuff?' I'm glad to find another friend who shares the same love for organizing:)

    Love the picture! I'm sure you hear this all the time, but little Jonah is starting to look so much like his dad. And Lily is such a mini Sarah:)

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  3. Hello, I followed your link from The Simple Woman's Daybook.

    I like your entry and what a cute picture. xxx



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