Friday, April 23, 2010

Hi Lo: April 23rd


1. Kate was voted off Dancing with the Stars. Yes, seriously, this was a highlight of my week!

2. Lily lost one of her front teeth on Sunday. She looks so.darn.cute. Now we're just waiting for the other one to fall out soon.

3. We celebrated Jonah's 5th birthday with both sets of his grandparents and his godparents. He was showered with many a Thomas-related gift item and now he's cruisin' around on a brand new bike too!

4. Jonah's train cake that I created following this model, turned out! And birthday boy loved it!

5. The kids and I went on a field trip to a local bakery yesterday for a tour with our homeschool group. What a lot of work this couple pours into their work and business. We left with our purchases of various yummy rolls and donuts, homemade buns and bread dough. What a special treat!


1. Reed's cold was passed on to me and I've got the sore throat part of it along with the hazy, lazy part. Hope it passes soon.

2. The community ed. bracelet making class Lily and I were suppose to take last night ended up being cancelled. Bummer.

How was your week? Hope you are doing well. Have a wonderful weekend!

*Note: Has anyone noticed Jonah's smile lately? He seems to be taking after a certain uncle of his who smiles exactly the same way. Despite my best efforts, I cannot get Jonah to smile 'normal' these days. I'm hoping this is a passing phase.


  1. Love the smile! Too funny. Squiggs is also in a goofy smile stage at the moment. At least, we're hoping it's a stage. :) Blessings on your weekend!

    PS- The cake looks great!

  2. I should have made a cake like that when my son was train-crazy. Guilt, guilt. Yours looks fabulous!

    The goofy smile stage does pass, but can be annoying while it lasts. The photos will be funny - eventually.

  3. His smile was what I noticed most because I could just hear him saying "CHEEEEEESE"!! So cute! Hope you feel better soon, and hasta la vista Kate :)


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